Marvel Comics 12.28.07 | The March on Ultimatum

up-header.jpgThe Ultimate universe’s ultimate crossover, Ultimatum, draws near in Ultimate Power #9. In the mood for something completely different? How about some classic lit in the form of Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray #1, adapting the Oscar Wilde novel.




The March On Ultimatum Continues In Ultimate Power!

The breathtaking battle between the Ultimates and two versions of the Squadron Supreme concludes and the Ultimate Universe will never, ever be the same again! Ultimate Power #9 (of 9), from the red-hot creative team of Emmy-nominated and Eisner-winning author Jeph Loeb and acclaimed artist Greg Land bring you the "ultimate" superhero throwdown as enemies become allies to defeat the Hulk! Who’s more powerful-the Thing or The Hulk? Who is the new permanent resident of the Ultimate Universe? And what’s Nick Fury’s role in the stunning conclusion?


A March On Ultimatum tie-in, this powerful final chapter of the Ultimate Power epic forces both sides to make huge sacrifices that’ll change both the Ultimate and Supreme Power universes forever. True Believer, you won’t believe your eyes when it all concludes-it’s more than mortal minds can imagine!


Setting the stage for 2008’s can’t-miss event, Ultimatum, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ultimate Power #9 and all upcoming March On Ultimatum tie-ins. In 2008, the ultimate price will be paid, but this is where the future of the Ultimate Universe begins…but is it the beginning of the end? Look to the Ultimatum teaser for a hint of things to come.


ULTIMATE POWER #9 (of 9) (AUG072199)
Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by GREG LAND
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC-12/06/07, On-Sale-12/28/07

Oscar Wilde’s Gothic Horror Thriller Comes To Life At Marvel!


A young man’s quest for immortality takes a dark and dangerous turn in one of the most terrifying gothic horror stories, but if the name Dorian Gray doesn’t ring a bell, there’s one comic you must experience this December– Marvel Illustrated: Picture Of Dorian Gray #1 (of 6). Adapting Oscar Wilde’s controversial novel exploring the very depths of the human experience, legendary writer Roy Thomas teams with penciling sensation Sebastian Fiumara and fan favorite cover artist Gerald Parel for a story that challenges the status quo. A piercing look into the soul of a young man consumed by avarice, this series will leave your jaws on the floor with its shocking twists, turns and revelations.


"There’s nothing like Picture Of Dorian Gray in comics today," said David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice President Of Sales & Circulation. "This is one of the most socially relevant tales of our time. If you missed out on Dorian Gray in high school, or perhaps aren’t familiar with the novel, this is a can’t-miss limited series for you!"


Fiumara’s lush pencils bring this gothic horror thriller to life like it’s never been seen before! Marvel Illustrated: Picture Of Dorian Gray #1 leaves you on the edge of your seat, challenging everything you believe!






Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-12/6/07, On-Sale-12/28/07


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