Marvel Comics 11.26.08 and 12.10.08 | Thor vs. Odin

thor_header.jpgThor’s got daddy issues, and he sets out to settle ’em Mjolnir-style in Thor: Man of War by Matt Fraction, Clay Mann, and Patrick Zircher, while Wolvie battles bikers in Wolverine: Flies to a Spider #1 by Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena.



It’s The Battle Of The Millennia – Thor vs. Odin!

This November, don’t miss the earth-shattering, sky-scorching epic clash between father and son in the one-shot, Thor: Man of War!  Continuing the success of their last two collaborations, join the acclaimed creative team of Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher (Thor: Ages of Thunder, Thor: Reign of Blood) for the Norse tale that’s been eons in the making! For countless millennia, the God of Thunder, Thor, has raged and rebelled against the word of his father, the all-powerful Odin.  But…Odin won’t have anymore!  And so as another cycle begins, Thor must stand up against the supreme wrath of the enraged All-Father!  Does the might of Thor stand a chance?

The fans and critics couldn’t be happier with Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher’s portrayal of the God of Thunder!

"Fraction captures the feel and the sound of ancient Asgard perfectly… Zircher’s work is spectacular in its depiction of a bloody realm far removed from our own." – Jesse Schedeen of

"The writing is direct, simple, straightforward and uncompromising, the artwork is excellent, and the strong mythical quality that Fraction brings to his storytelling makes the book instantly attractive." – David Wallace of

When a father is fed up with the impulsive tantrums of a selfish titan, who will come out the victor?  Witness the epic battle, only such talents like Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher could deliver in Thor: Man of War!





Rated T+…$3.99

FOC-11/06/08, On-Sale-11/26/08

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Wolverine: Flies to a Spider Rings in the New Year With Beserker Rage

This holiday season, get ready to pop those claws in celebration of the new year with everyone’s favorite Canadian wild boy in Wolverine: Flies to a Spider #1!  Brought to you from red-hot writer Gregg Hurwitz (Punisher) and rising star artist Jerome Opena (Fear Agents) comes the Wolverine story of the season!

 It’s New Year’s Eve and the meanest, nastiest, most jacked-up biker gang you ever could meet, The Road Dawgs, have gathered at a bar called the "Rat Trap."  But tonight there’s a stranger sitting on a stool at the end of the bar. Someone who’s looking to pick a fight. Someone who’s after much bigger game than some roughnecks – and be sure, this bad boy knows exactly how to get someone’s attention!

It’s Wolverine at his very best, bub, so make sure you pick up your copy of Wolverine: Flies to a Spider #1! 




Penciled by JEROME OPENA


Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC — 11/20/08, On-Sale — 12/10/08

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