Marvel Comics 11.14.07 | Captain Marvel, and so much more

captainmarvel.jpgLast seen in Civil War: The Return, Mar-Vell makes a triumphant return in the pages of Captain Marvel #1. But the House of Ideas has plenty of other great titles coming out the second week of November, and we’ve got a ton of previews to prove it: Punisher War Journal #13, Nova #8, Ghost Rider Annual #1, House of M: Avengers #1, and the one-shot What If? Annihilation.



Captain Marvel Returns To Action!

Spinning straight out of his shocking return in Civil War, Captain Marvel’s new life begins in Captain Marvel #1 (of 5)! He’s been plucked out of time before his death, but can the Kree soldier known as Mar-Vell make a difference with the scant time he’s got left? Acclaimed writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati, Ms. Marvel) and artist Lee Weeks (Daredevil, Spider-Man: Death And Destiny) bring you a gripping epic about one man’s quest to make the world right before his end.


"Captain Marvel is a story about a man out of time," said Reed. "Imagine you’ve traveled forward in time a few years and learned that you have passed away from cancer. What would you do? How would you react? If you’re a proud soldier like Captain Marvel, you get mighty angry about the cards fate has dealt you, and you decide to try and do something about it. The big problem is, that there’s no undoing history. Captain Marvel still dies from cancer. But what he does with his life before that time is what matters."


Offering a unique insight into the mind of the man known as Mar-Vell, along with intense action scenes and important consequences for the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel #1 brings one of Marvel’s greatest heroes back where he belongs! And don’t miss Ed McGuinness’ stunning first issue cover brought to life as the can’t-miss Captain Marvel Ed McGuinness Poster!


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CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (of 5) (SEP072187)

Written by BRIAN REED

Penciled by LEE WEEKS


Rated A …$2.99

FOC-10/25/07, On-Sale-11/14/07



24×36 Color Poster…$6.99

FOC-11/01/07, On-Sale-11/28/07


Punisher & The Spider-Man Hunt Kraven!

When your friendly neighborhood is infested with super-villains, who ya gonna call? As Punisher War Journal #13 reveals, it’s the dream team of Punisher and Spider-Man who specialize in cleaning up the villains scattered throughout Manhattan after a botched bank robbery! Acclaimed writer Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist, The Order) and fan favorite artist Cory Walker (The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Invincible) begin a new three-part arc reintroducing the classic-and brutal-villain known as Kraven the Hunter! So, the Punisher has a unique way of dealing with criminals, a mindset that calls for explosions, violence and a tasty dessert after. Fortunately, Spider-Man is a bit more sane and guest stars, hoping to keep the terrified Rhino alive long enough to be put in jail-but the Punisher and a dozen missiles have something to say about that!


"Punisher War Journal continues to be one of Marvel’s strongest and most consistent titles," said Kevin Powers of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com. "With Punisher War Journal, The Order and Immortal Iron Fist, Matt Fraction is quickly becoming one of the top creators in the industry."


And did we mention this is the only comic featuring a living, breathing super-human zoo? It’s Kraven, Rhino, Spider-Man and Punisher, as Frank Castle declares war on anyone who gets in his way in Punisher War Journal #13!




Pencils by CORY WALKER


RATED T+ …$2.99

FOC-10/25/07, On-Sale-11/14/07

After Conquest, Is Nova Lost In Space?

He’s gone helmet-to-helmet with Iron Man, been burnt to a crisp, replaced by a Kree and turned evil. Yes, the last member of the Nova Corps has been put through the ringer, but as an all-new storyline begins in Nova #8, Richard Rider (a.k.a. Nova) may face his greatest challenge yet! The acclaimed writing team of Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (Annihilation: Conquest) are joined by special guest artist Wellinton Alves (Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake: The First Death), who joins the critically acclaimed series for this important three-part arc. When Nova escaped the clutches of the Phalanx in issue #7, he thought he was one step closer to ending their malevolent march through Annihilation: Conquest. Instead, the Human Rocket now finds himself at what just may be the edge of the universe!


"Who are Xarth’s Mightiest heroes? What is Cosmo? And where in the heck did Wellinton Alves come from?" asked editor Bill Rosemann. "All of us love stories that shock us – that have us wondering what could possibly be coming next – and reviewer after reviewer are applauding the rollercoaster that Dan and Andy are taking them on. And I have a feeling that readers are going to enjoy the extra shot of awesomeness that Wellinton is bringing to the show. Best of all, even if you’ve never read a single issue of Nova before this, issue #8 hits the ground running with everything you need to know to enjoy the action."


If he survives the next three issues in one piece, Nova’s going to find himself with new allies, new villains…and a creepy complication that promises to bedevil him for months to come! Don’t miss your chance to jump onboard the epic sci-fi adventure that Aint It Cool News calls "without a doubt, the best Marvel ongoing series of the year."

NOVA #8 (SEP072218)




Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-10/25/07, On-Sale-11/14/07


The Ghost Rider &  Lucifer Battle To The Death!

The devil himself, Lucifer, has never quite been on good terms with the supernatural hero known as Ghost Rider, but does that mean he’ll make a deal with a dangerous new player to take down the Spirit of Vengeance in Ghost Rider Annual #1? Writer Stuart Moore (Marvel Comics Presents, New Avengers/Transformers) teams up with artist Ben Oliver (Ultimate X-Men) to introduce the mysterious Mr. Eleven, a man with a connection to both the Devil and Ghost Rider! When the Devil rides into town, with Ghost Rider hot on his trail, Eleven sees an opportunity to benefit-but whose side is he on? One thing’s for sure-he’s important to the Ghost Rider mythos!


It’s a battle of two supernatural titans as Ghost Rider battles Lucifer, with Mr. Eleven making a shocking decision-one that’ll change all the players once Ghost Rider Annual #1 concludes!




Pencils & Cover by BEN OLIVER

Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC-10/25/07, On-Sale-11/14/07

The Avengers Assemble In The House Of M!

The epic House Of M limited series forever altered the Marvel Universe two years ago and fans have clamored for a look into the secrets of this world-and now they’re here in House of M: Avengers #1 (of 5)! The red-hot writer behind the hit World War Hulk: X-Men, Christos Gage, and acclaimed Captain America artist Mike Perkins look into the secret history of these Avengers. Just what brought Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Mockingbird, Tigra and more rebel heroes together?


"This series looks back at the unseen history of the world, examining such questions as how mutants went from an oppressed minority to ruling majority in so short a time," revealed Gage. "You’ll also find House of M versions of characters you haven’t seen before, like the Punisher!"


The intense, action-packed story of one wrongly convicted man using his super powers to change a corrupt world will reveal untold secrets from House Of M! This is a world where anything can happen and in House Of M: Avengers #1, it does!


HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS #1 (of 5) (SEP072196)


Pencils & Cover by MIKE PERKINS

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-10/25/07, On-Sale-11/14/07

What If The Annihilation Wave Invaded During Civil War?


Annihilus’ wave of destruction leveled entire worlds of the Kree and Skrull Empire.  But writer David Hine (Silent War) and artists Mico Suayan (Moon Knight) and Rafael Kayanan (Conan) dare to ask What If?…the Annihilation wave made its way to Earth!

        Hine describes it as "when events collide. The ultimate crossover book…in one bold story!"  Fans have clamored to see what would have happened if Annihilation and Civil War collided and What If? Annihilation delivers!

In What If? Annihilation, the valiant heroes Nova, Drax, Phyla-Vell and Peter Quill fail to halt Annihilus and his murderous rampage across the universe.  And eventually the tyrant from the Negative Zone brings his devastating armies to Earth, during the height of both Civil War and Silent War!  In the face of a far greater enemy, Marvel heroes struggle to mend their broken alliances.  But can both sides work together in spite of the broken trust and newfound animosity?

Meanwhile, the Inhumans have an important decision to make.  Betrayed by a world that now so desperately needs their help, the Inhumans’ leader Black Bolt now hesitates to help those he once called allies. 

Will the Inhumans come to Earth’s aid?  Can the Marvel heroes repair their fractured alliances and stand up against the wave of Annihilation?  The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in What If? Annihilation.

Written by DAVID HINE
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 11/1, On-Sale – 11/21/2007

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