Marvel Comics 09.05.07 | One More Day

spideyMarvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada returns to his drawing board for One More Day, the Spidey storyline sure to have fanboys everywhere calling for his head! The story kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #544, and we have a 6-page preview. Plus, novelist and Rambo creator David Morrell tries his hands at an icon in Captain America: The Chosen #1, Matt Murdock hits a milestone in Daredevil #100 (we have a 7-page preview), and novelist Charlie Huston bids the Fist of Khonshu adieu in Moon Knight #12.



Spider-Man Is Forever Changed In "One More Day"


It's the storyline that has the comic world buzzing and the event that will leave Spider-Man changed forever-it's One More Day, kicking off in Amazing Spider-Man #544! Written by the acclaimed J. Michael Straczynski, who redefined the wall-crawler for a new generation and penciled by Joe Quesada, one of the industry's most popular artists and Marvel's Editor-In-Chief, this storyline will tie together story threads seeded throughout JMS' six year tenure! When this four-part story concludes, nothing will ever be the same for Peter Parker, as his decision affects the past, present and future of everyone's favorite wall crawler! Each extra-sized issue of One More Day not only features two must-have  50/50  covers-one by Quesada himself and another by acclaimed artist Marko Djurdjevic-but is also packed with Director's Cut style extras!


"It's about the most terrible, awful thing in the world.  Certainly the worst that Peter Parker has ever had to face," explained JMS. "He has to make a choice between two equally devastating possibilities, both of which will forever affect his life, and there is no third choice, no way around it."


And don't miss the special Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook, featuring exclusive first look art from this groundbreaking story and new commentary from Senior Editor Axel Alonso! Retailers can now view the complete One More Day Sketchbook at the Diamond Retailer site to get the first look at brand new art!


With great power comes great responsibility…and an even greater burden. You can't afford to miss this emotional tour de force that will challenge Peter Parker at his very core and leave readers breathless, beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #544!  


Spider-Man: One More Day

Part 1 – Amazing Spider-Man #544

Part 2 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24

Part 3 – Sensational Spider-Man #41

Part 4 – Amazing Spider-Man #545 




Pencils & 50/50 Cover by JOE QUESADA


Rated A …$3.99

FOC-8/16/07, On-Sale-9/05/07


Written by ARUNE SINGH


Rated T+ …$2.99



Who Will Be Captain America 's " Chosen " Successor?


David Morrell, New York Times best-selling novelist, creator of Rambo and winner of the 2007 Inkpot Award, takes on the Sentinel of Liberty in Captain America : The Chosen #1 (of 6).  Following in the tradition of the sold-out and critically acclaimed Spider-Man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem, this brand new Marvel Knights series chronicles the final days of Captain America as he searches for a successor. Illustrated by fan favorite Mitch Breitweiser (Drax), Captain America: The Chosen offers a unique look at just how the world is affected by Captain America 's existence.


"Bestselling novelist David Morrell and the extremely talented Mitch Breitweiser have teamed up to bring their remarkable sensibilities to Captain America, in a life-or-death story set in the all-too-real theatre of overseas combat," explained series editor Alejandro Arbona. "This is no plain super hero romp – ‘The Chosen' brings Cap back to his roots as an extremely powerful icon and an inspiring embodiment of the virtues he stands for: courage, honor, loyalty and sacrifice."


With the re-envisioned Marvel Knights imprint red hot on the sales charts and a hit with critics, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Captain America : The Chosen #1. This fall, prepare to experience a Captain America story like no other-and learn just who Steve Rogers chooses to carry on his legacy!



Written by David Morrell

Pencils & Cover by Mitch Breitweiser

Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST

Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC-8/16/07, On-Sale-9/05/07

Daredevil Learns That No Man Is Without Fear!


Matt Murdock has gone to hell and back over the past two years…but it's all about to get worse for the Man Without Fear in Daredevil #100! The Eisner-winning "Best Writer" Ed Brubaker and  Eisner-nominated artist Michael Lark join with some legendary friends to bring you an unforgettable anniversary issue. Featuring a cavalcade of guest creators-from John Romita Sr. to Alex Maleev-this is the beginning of the most shocking new story arc yet, as Daredevil discovers the true meaning of fear! And did we mention the issue features three different covers? Michael Turner and Lee Bermejo provide the 50/50 variant covers, while Marko Djurdjevic has produced a gorgeous wraparound cover that'll have your jaw on the floor!


Jeff Marsick of Newsarama.Com exclaimed, "The uber-team of Brubaker and Lark continue their amazing and nearly flawless work and make issue one hundred one of the most anticipated books of the year."


"The edgy, noir style of Brubaker's writing and of Daredevil's world is translated flawlessly to the page in Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano's artwork," said Kevin Powers of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com.


Daredevil #100 begins the next deadly chapter in Matt Murdock's life, but even if he does survive, will he ever be the same? Get onboard for this star-studded, action-packed anniversary issue and find out why everyone can't stop raving about the Man Without Fear!


DAREDEVIL #100 (JUN072143)

Written by ED BRUBAKER



Wraparound Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC

Variant 50/50 Cover by MICHAEL TURNER

Variant 50/50 Cover by LEE BERMEJO

Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC-8/16/07, On-Sale-9/05/07


Will Moon Knight Be Burned By The Midnight Sun?


Acclaimed author Charlie Huston wraps up his stunning first year on Moon Knight with the pulse-pounding Moon Knight #12! A mentor and student have become bitter enemies, as Moon Knight must face his former sidekick Midnight for one final battle. Can the former hero be saved from the darkness within or will he be a victim of Moon Knight's savage brutality? Last time Moon Knight went all out, his opponent was left beaten, broken and skinned alive…so Midnight better hope that he lives to see the sunrise! And things won't be easy for Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, as Iron Man comes calling to see if he's an ally or an enemy of the Initiative!


"All I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride," gushed BrokenFrontier.Com's Kenneth Gallant of Moon Knight.


After his war of words with Iron Man and his war of fists (and other limbs) with Midnight, the many lives of Moon Knight will forever be altered…and that means someone's going down! It all happens in Moon Knight #12-and there's no turning back after this!


MOON KNIGHT #12 (JUN072171)


Penciled by MICO SUAYAN


Parental Advisory …$2.99

FOC-8/16/07, On-Sale-9/05/07


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