Marvel Comics 08.29.07 | The Constrictor?

constrictorWhy is a third-tier villain like the Constrictor our headline guy this week? Because he's one of the many people in Henry Gyrich's Shadow Initiative that's cruisin' for a bruisin' from the Hulk in Avengers: The Initiative #5. Meanwhile, Norrin Radd soars to an ending in the final issue of Silver Surfer: Requiem. Plus, a bonus preview of Thor #3, due out on September 12th!



World War Hulk…King of Manhattan ?


World War Hulk continues, as the Hulk continues to smash anything that comes his way and the odds are stacked against the heroes defending the island of Manhattan !


In Avengers: The Initiative #5, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Stefano Caselli, the team of new recruits heads into the war zone to save innocent lives, but they might have to look after themselves first when they come face to face with the Green King!  Plus, Hardball must cope with the fact that the S.P.I.N. Tech he stole from Stark's lab was the one weapon that could have stopped the rampaging monster dead in his tracks.  Meanwhile, Henry Gyrich dispatches the Shadow Initiative to deal with the Hulk, but who are these questionable heroes?  Constrictor?  Bengal ?  One…two…three enigmatic Iron Spiders?  A line-up like this makes the Thunderbolts look like the Mighty Avengers!  And the most terrible secret of all – who is Mutant Zero?  Perhaps the rumors of a 199th mutant are true after all…


Critics continue to praise Avengers: The Initiative, with Newsarama.Com' s Troy Brownfield saying, "If you're already reading Mighty [Avengers] and New [Avengers] . . .or even if you aren't . . . you need to take some Initiative."


Meanwhile, World War Hulk: Front Line #4 smashes into stores, written by Paul Jenkins and boasting a trio of talented artists including: Ramon Bachs, Shawn Martinbrough (Detective Comics), and Chris Moreno (Sidekick).  Front Line reporters Ben Urich and Sally Floyd continue their journey through the war-bound Harlem as they watch the Hulk swat General Ross's helicopters like so many pesky flies.  Also, Detective Danny Granville is hot on the case of Arch-E-237's killer with the help of Korg!  What is in store for these two duos of brave investigators?


With the tides of battle in the Hulk's favor, will everyone just stand-by and watch as the Hulk takes over?  Pick up Avengers: The Initiative #5 and World War Hulk: Front Line #4 to find out the next step in the war that's changing the Marvel Universe!



Written by DAN SLOTT



Rated T+ … $2.99

FOC-8/9/07, On Sale -8/29/07





Rated T+…$2.99

FOC-8/9/07, On Sale -8/29/07

Silver Surfer's Last Ride?


Marvel Knights' critically acclaimed limited series, Silver Surfer: Requiem, soars the spaceways to its powerful conclusion!  The red hot creative team J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic's bring fans a moving account of the Silver Surfer's final ride, which has shocked and thrilled fans and critics alike! Now, in the face of impossible odds, the Surfer has crossed the galaxy and arrived at Zenn-La.  But what awaits him on his home planet?   


 "With the combined talents of J Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic, Silver Surfer: Requiem is the start of a hauntingly epic masterpiece, which should make a lot of Surfer fans happy," said Troy Brownfield of


Similar sentiments were echoed by David Wallace of, who explained, "the universally relevant subject matter provides an interesting platform for some well-conceived modern parables, and the lush artwork makes this book irresistible."


For untold years, Norrin Radd surfed the galaxy, exploring the darkness between stars, witnessing the rise and fall of vast civilizations.  Now Galactus' preeminent former herald's ride comes to an end.  Don't miss his last moments on the planet where his cosmic journey began in Silver Surfer: Requiem #4!


SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM #4 (of 4) (JUN072184)


Art and Cover by ESAD RIBIC 

Rated T+ …$3.99

FOC-8/9/07, On-Sale-8/29/07


Thor #2 Strikes Like Lightning And Sells Out!


Marvel is pleased to announce that Thor #2, from the electrifying creative team of JMS and Olivier Coipel, has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level). Featuring the stunning return of Asgard, the second issue of Marvel's brand new ongoing series has met with thunderous applause from both fans and critics. To meet demand from fans, Marvel will be going back to press on Thor #2 with a new wraparound cover featuring the powerful interior art of Olivier Coipel!


"I'm hooked so far," said Tim Janson of Newsarama.Com, calling Coipel's rendition of Thor, "perhaps the most powerful Thor we've seen yet."


Richard George of IGN.Com deemed the issue a "must read" and gushed, "JMS is bringing a beloved character back with style."


Series editor Warren Simons explained, "The Thunder God has returned to the Marvel Universe with a vengeance.  We couldn't be happier with fan response to the first two issues of Thor, and things are just heating up.  In issue # 3, JMS and Olivier bring Thor face to face with Iron Man, and Tony Stark is going to find out why it might not be such a great idea to clone a god…"


With a titanic confrontation between former friends on the horizon, and the return of Marvel's most famous mythical kingdom, fans can't miss this second chance to pick up Thor #2. And, spinning right out of Civil War, it's Iron Man vs Thor in Thor #3! Lightning strikes once more, but when the dust clears, will Thor be the one left standing?




Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Rated T+ …$2.99 

FOC-08/23/07, On-Sale-09/12/07

THOR #3 (JUL072192)


Pencils & 50/50 Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

50/50 Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

Rated T+ …$2.99 

FOC-08/23/07, On-Sale-09/12/07

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