Marvel Comics 08.22.07 | Iron Man in the Heartland

ironmanIron Man #21 finds the new director of SHIELD heading to Omaha, Nebraska, to track down a couple new capes. Meanwhile, a new story arc kicks off in Immortal Iron Fist #8, the new creative team of Jason Aaron and Howard Chaykin take over on Wolverine #56, the villainous team is falling apart in Thunderbolts #116, and the Initiative's newest team faces their biggest challenge in The Order #2.




Iron Man: Struck By Lightning!


Being the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. means traveling to all sorts of exotic and exciting places, from Madripoor to the Savage Land to… Omaha , Nebraska ?  That's right, True Believers, in Iron Man #21 the Golden Avenger is coming to Omaha, and not for the delicious steak but to seek out two, all-new superhumans!  The "thunderous" writing team of Daniel Knauf and Charlie Knauf, along with remarkable penciler Roberto de la Torre, brings you the latest and greatest from the Helicarrier!


The past couple of weeks and his involvement in World War Hulk have pushed Tony Stark to his limits, but now it's time for Stark to return to his S.H.I.E.L.D. responsibilities.  However, this deceivingly simple trip to the Midwest might turn out to be more than he bargained for!  An enigmatic old hero with a grudge shows up, and he's not too pleased to see Iron Man!


Will the two superhumans turn out to be friend or foe?  Tony Stark could sure use a couple of new recruits in his Initiative, so pick up Iron Man #21 to see the fate of these two brand-new additions to the Marvel Universe!


IRON MAN #21 (JUN072155)




Rated A…$2.99

FOC-8/2/07, On Sale -8/22/07


Does Iron Fist Have The Best Kung-Fu?


After the harrowing conclusion to "The Last Iron Fist Story," Danny Rand (the man known as Iron Fist) has lost a friend and a mentor-but the worst is yet to come! In Immortal Iron Fist #8, a brand-new story arc begins as the titular hero must enter in the combat tournament to end all tournaments! The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven align for the first time in a generation and with it come new threats for the last Iron Fist. As Danny studies the Book Of The Iron Fist, the forces of Hydra manipulate the kidnapped Jeryn to their ends and…the truth about Wendell Rand? Red-hot scribe Matt Fraction and Eisner Award-winning Ed Brubaker join acclaimed artist David Aja for the kung fu epic of the year! How can Iron Fist possibly defeat six other immortal weapons?


Congratulations are in order for the Iron Fist creative team, as critics continue to rave about the series, with Entertainment Weekly awarding the series an "A-" and gushing, "The Brubaker-Fraction brain trust drums up a skillful script that jauntily grants a peripheral Marvel character some hard-earned days of glory."


"This series has been incredibly satisfying," said Matthew Peterson of MajorSpoilers.Com. "Freakin awesome."


Humphrey Lee of Aint-it-Cool-News exclaimed, "Dave Aja draws the #$%@ outta this book."


Don't miss your perfect chance to jump onboard one of the most acclaimed series of the year, as Immortal Iron Fist #8 kicks off a brand new storyline, perfect for readers new and old! And in stores now, don't miss the critically acclaimed Immortal Iron First Vol.1: The Last Iron Fist Story Premiere HC, collecting the first six issues of the series, material from Civil War: Choosing Sides and special bonus material!




Pencils & Cover by DAVID AJA

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-8/2/07, On-Sale-8/22/07





Cover by DAVID AJA

Rated T+ …$19.99


Wolverine Must Contain His Berserker Barrage!


With the blood of Sabretooth still fresh on his claws and the mystery of Romulus still haunting his memory, the man known as Logan leaps into a new adventure in the double-sized Wolverine #56!  Up-and-coming writer Jason Aaron (The Other Side, Scalped) and legendary artist Howard Chaykin (Blade, American Flagg!) takes the reigns on the book starring Marvel's favorite Canadian berserker!


Although Wolverine normally lets his adamantium claws do the talking, this time he must try and reason with the man named Wendell Rayfield, a recently divorced, ex-cop who is looking to end it all.  The one catch…in his desperation Rayfield has taken a job to kill Wolverine!  (Well, if Rayfield is looking to end it all, then this was certainly the right job to take!)


Be sure to read the special, double-sized Wolverine #56 if only to see the savage Wolverine try to reason with a man hell-bent on trying to slaughter the X-Man with a giant machine gun!


WOLVERINE #56 (JUN072197)

Written by JASON AARON

Pencils and Cover by HOWARD CHAYKIN

Parental Advisory…$3.99

FOC-8/2/07, On Sale -8/22/07

A Storm is Brewing for the Thunderbolts!



Bullseye is crippled.  Venom ate the Steel Spider's arm.  And Penance is in a downward spiral of guilt.  Clearly, writer Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts are not a model of teamwork!  To add insult to injury, more madness is brought to their doorstep in Thunderbolts #116 when Thunderbolt Mountain is converted to a temporary prison for detained superhumans.  Red-hot writer Warren Ellis and brilliant artist Mike Deodato bring you part one of the new arc "Caged Angels," which is sure to heat up the action for Marvel's most notorious team – but can these out-of-control "heroes" handle it?


The Thunderbolts are one of the most effective and most popular teams in the Initiative, but when the Negative Zone prison 42 reaches capacity, the Tbolts are forced to share their headquarters with even more supervillains.  The Thunderbolts themselves are prisoners so when all of these combustible elements are under the same roof , things just might be ready to blow!


The critics continue to praise the Thunderbolts, and Luke Handley of calls Thunderbolts #115 the "best read [he's] had in a long time."  Shawn Hill of commends Deodato's art stating, "It's dark, gritty and right. I can't think of anyone else who could carry this book so well."


After the devastating events of the "Faith in Monsters" story arc, can Norman Osborn actually pull the team of misfits together when they all have their own agendas?  Will Bullseye ever recover from the merciless beating he received from American Eagle?  With so many super humans gathered at Thunderbolts Mountain , things are bound to get out of hand in Thunderbolts #116!





Penciled by MIKE DEODATO


Rated T+.$2.99

FOC-8/2/07, On-Sale-8/22/07


DisORDERly Conduct In Iron Man's New Team!


Everything was going smoothly for the television debut of California 's super team, The Order, until a group of Soviet super-weapons showed up looking for blood!  The Order #2 jumps right into the fray with rising writer Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist and Punisher War Journal) and talented artist Barry Kitson at the reigns of this spin-off from the red-hot Initiative storyline!


Although The Order extinguished the Infernal Man and prevented a raging fire from blazing through the San Gabriel Mountains to the heart of Los Angeles…is this new team ready to take on a whole squad of seasoned super villains?


The Order has already received outstanding reviews from fans and critics everywhere.  Jesse Schedeen of exclaimed, "Matt Fraction is quickly becoming one of the best writers in Marvel's arsenal, and I for one can't wait to see what he has in store for this book's future."


"This may very well be the book that solidifies Matt Fraction's placement among the top spandex writers of this decade," said Koben Kelly of Newsarama.Com, adding, "This is the best work from Barry Kitson I have ever seen …He's completely knocking this one out of the park."


Plus, what would a Los Angeles-based super team be without some good, old-fashioned Hollywood scandal; a PR queen starts her spin on the Golden State heroes, a mysterious dead body shows up, and of course, a superhero sex tape! (Take that, Hollywood!)  If you're looking for some classic Marvel action with a Hollywood-style twist, then look no further than The Order #2!


THE ORDER #2 (JUN072181)


Pencils and Cover by BARRY KITSON

Rated T+…$2.99

FOC-8/02/07, On Sale -8/22/07


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