Marvel Comics 08.01-08.07 | The beginning of Thor and the end of the FF

thorheaderThe Asgardian's return rolls on in Thor #2 while the FF may meet their end in the hotly anticipated The Last Fantastic Four Story, with art by John Romita Jr. and written by FF creator and comics legend Stan Lee! All that, plus 4 pages of Ms. Marvel #18 and a bonus sneak peek at the upcoming hardcover collection newuniversal: Everything Went White by Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca.



Thor #1 Sells Out & Returns Once More!


Marvel is pleased to announce that Thor #1 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level), marking a triumphant return for the God of Thunder! With the red-hot creative team of writer JMS and artist Olivier Coipel, Thor #1 has drawn acclaim from all corners and made Thor the book that everyone's talking about! To meet the demand from fans for this landmark issue, Marvel is going back to press on Thor #1, with a new cover featuring interior art from Coipel!


"The fact that we have a true A-team collaboration on what will surely become one of Marvel's flagship titles simply makes this a series you can not miss," exclaimed Adrian f. Zettlemoyer of BrokenFrontier.Com.


Jesse Schedeen of deemed Thor #1 a "must read" and said that Thor fans will, "find a lot to like here."


That sentiment was echoed by Luke Handley of SilverbulletComicBooks.Com, who called Thor #1, "A good first issue that sets up an interesting premise and I can't wait for the return of more of the Norse Pantheon and Asgard."


"The art by Olivier Coipel is beautiful…This is how a hero should look," gushed Tim Janson of


Please note that the new Thor #1 Zombie Cover Variant will arrive in stores on July 25th. This never-before-seen cover features the stunning art of Arthur Suydam and if you missed Thor #1, this is another chance to get caught up!


After a long break, the fan-favorite Asgardian returns to the pages of Marvel comics – not a clone, not a robot, the original Thor is back!  This new series of mythological proportions will dazzle both new and old readers, so pick up a copy of Thor #2 to follow the epic adventures of the mighty God of Thunder! And don't miss the Thor Poster, featuring Coipel's electrifying cover to the series' first issue!




Pencils and Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-7/19/07, On Sale -8/8/07


THOR #2 (JUN072186)


Pencils and 50/50 Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Variant 50/50 Cover by GABRIELLE DELL'OTTO

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-7/12/07, On Sale -8/1/07






Rated T+ …$2.99

On Sale -7/25/07



24X36 Color Poster…$6.99


The Fantastic Four Face The World's Greatest Threat!



The Fantastic Four have explored the Negative Zone, faced death and even defeated the mighty Galactus…so what kind of threat could possibly be more than the Fantastic Four can handle? Set in the near future, The Last Fantastic Four Story is all-new epic that will show you a different side of Marvel's First Family and they may not survive the experience! Stan Lee, the icon himself, returns to the Fantastic Four and teams with one of the greatest modern comic book artists, John Romita Jr., to bring you the kind of cosmic action that can only be found in the World's Greatest Comic Magazine! Since their inception, the Fantastic Four have broken new ground for super hero stories, presented a unique view of the super-powered life and now, with the return of one of the original co-creators, the FF are set to redefine just where super heroes can boldly go! And don't adjust your monitors-you're getting 48, that's right, 48 story pages of exciting action in the Mighty Marvel Manner from Lee & Romita Jr!


Editor Tom Brevoort explained, "This is Stan writing his final story for the Fantastic Four, the characters who began the Marvel Age of Comics-so in some ways, this is like Stan's bookend on his entire career at Marvel. Plus, he's working with John Romita Jr. for the first time, an artist who embodies all of the best qualities in terms of storytelling and power as those classic creators who collaborated with Stan back in the glory days, but who is simultaneously an artist of the here and now. So hopefully, this will be a rare treat for readers everywhere."


It's Stan "The Man" Lee, returning to the Fantastic Four and John Romita Jr.'s lush art bringing you a special Fantastic Four tale like no other…so what are you waiting for? Also, don't miss the special poster of John Romita's gorgeous cover to The Last Fantastic Four Story, arriving in stores later this August. The Fantastic Four are nearing the end…but is it the end of their careers or the end of their lives?



Written by STAN LEE

Pencils and Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.

Rated A …$4.99

FOC-7/12/07, On-Sale-8/1/07



24X36 Color Poster…$6.99

FOC-8/2/07, On-Sale-8/22/07



Ms. Marvel Begins The Search For Arana!


In the aftermath of Civil War, Ms. Marvel formed her own S.H.I.E.L.D strike force and now she's adding two new heroes in Ms. Marvel #18! Written by Brian Reed and penciled by Aaron Lopresti, this brand new story arc introduces Sleepwalker and Machine Man to Ms. Marvel's team, as Carol Danvers searches for the missing Arana. But when they discover the shocking reason for the heroine's disappearance, it'll leave Ms. Marvel-and readers-with their jaws on the floor!


""Brian, Aaron Matt and Chris are once again bringing a classic Marvel villain back to haunt Ms. Marvel's life," said series editor Stephen Wacker. "Not to give anything away, but if you imagine what a Darth Geppetto might be like, you'll have a good idea who wants to take Ms Marvel down for the count!"


Critics continue to praise Ms. Marvel, with SilverBulletComics.Com's Zachary Matzo exclaiming, "You won't be disappointed."


With ties to the top-selling Initiative storyline and the formation of Ms. Marvel's new super-ream, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ms. Marvel #18. She's battled her fellow heroes and her own best friend, so what threat could possibly overwhelm Ms. Marvel? It all leads into the battle you never saw coming!


MS. MARVEL #18 (JUN072172)

Written by BRIAN REED


Cover by GREG HORN

Rated A …$2.99

FOC-7/12/07, 8/01/07



newuniversal Explodes Into A Premiere Hardcover Collection!


From the critically acclaimed team of Warren Ellis & Salvador Larroca came the first volume of newuniversal, an epic new story showing how very real people are affected by an event that grants superpowers to a handful of humans. With this summer's release of newuniversal: Everything Went White Premiere HC, the question on everyone's mind is the same: when do we get the next "season" of this powerful epic series?


Marvel is pleased to announce that 2008 will see the return of newuniversal to comic stands, as the second season kicks off with the kind of bang you'd expect from Warren Ellis, the mind behind Nextwave and Thunderbolts. Like your favorite television dramas, the creative team behind this hit comic book series is taking some time off to return even bigger and bolder than before, with two factions fighting for control of Earth's superhuman population.


"I'm thrilled at the reception to this series," says Executive Editor Axel Alonso.  "And Season One only scratched the surface of the newuniverse."


Don't be left out-pick up the first collection of newuniversal this summer, the series that Newsarama.Com's Lucas Siegel declared a "relevant" story for our times, gushing that Ellis & Larroca have produced, "a truly cool superhuman story."






Rated T+ …$19.99

FOC-7/12/07, On-Sale-8/8/07

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