Marvel Comics 07.11.07 | Untold Tales of Patch

patchWolverine's strangest costume choice makes a comeback when Logan heads off to Madripoor in this untold tale from Wolverine: Origins Annual #1. Plus, radiation-powered goons chase Bruce Banner in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, Sasquatch is in major trouble in the pages of Omega Flight #4, it's an all-new, all-different X-Men in Ultimate X-Men #84, and Madrox and co. battle the Isolationist in X-Factor #21.



Patch Returns In Wolverine: Origins Annual #1


Fans demanded it and Wolverine makes his dramatic return to Madripoor in Wolverine: Origins Annual #1, searching for answers to his sordid past that he's still struggling to accept. Fans will get a chance to see an untold story of Patch-Wolverine's mysterious identity in Madripoor-and a shocking revelation that will affect Wolverine in the coming months. Brought to you by Wolverine: Origins writer Daniel Way and artist Kaare Andrews (fresh off his top selling Spider-Man: Reign mini-series) Wolverine: Origins Annual #1 is a key chapter in Wolverine's quest to discover the truth about his life.


"The Origins annual features Logan 's long-awaited return to where he tries to track down someone–and someTHING–from his past," explained Way of this double-sized issue. "As you'd probably guess, it doesn't go smoothly. Hate to ruin the story and all, but Logan doesn't pull it off… however, that doesn't mean that he goes away empty-handed. That cryptic enough for you?"


Kaare Andrews' gorgeous art, an untold story of Patch and major consequences for Wolverine-what's not to love? Madripoor, here we come in Wolverine: Origins Annual #1– and Wolverine won't leave the same!



Written by DANIEL WAY

Pencils and Cover by KAARE ANDREWS

"Return To Madripoor"

Parental Advisory …$3.99



The Gamma Corps Declare War On Hulk!


The Incredible Hulk has declared war on those who exiled him to space, destroying anyone in his path, but there may be one force who can stop him-The Gamma Corps! In World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (of 4), writer Frank Tieri and artist Carlos Ferreira introduce the one team that has been trained and prepared for a day such as this, a day when the Hulk would return to smash with a vengeance! Formed by the enigmatic General Ryker, and utilizing the DNA of the Hulk, Doc Samson, the Leader, the Abomination, and the Harpy, these soldiers of the Gamma Corps have been augmented with powers similar to those of the gamma irradiated generation that sired them! Each fueled by their own individual hate for the Hulk, the Gamma Corps soldiers have charged themselves with ending the Hulk's invasion…but who are these soldiers, and how long has the government been hiding them?


World War Hulk Assistant Editor Nate Cosby said of the series, "So Hulk's back and he's MAAAAAAAAD (you might've heard'a something called WORLD WAR HULK). And NOBODY can stop him. Iron Man, She-Hulk, Ares, the Fantastic Four, Black Bolt…they ain't nothin'. Who you gonna get to take out Mean Green? How 'bout a team full of genetically-enhanced soldiers that ALL have personal agendas against the Hulk!?!?!?"


Spinning out of World War Hulk, Marvel's critically acclaimed summer blockbuster, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps introduces an exciting new team of heroes to the Marvel Universe. But can they survive the Hulk? Find out this summer in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, bringing Gamma-powered justice to a comic shop near you!



Written by FRANK TIERI



Rated A …$2.99

FOC-6/21/07, On-Sale-7/11/07



Will Sasquatch Survive Omega Flight #4?


Canada 's under attack by the Wrecking Crew and only Omega Flight can stop them…if they can manage not to kill each other first! In Omega Flight #4, the newly formed Canadian super team must put aside their differences-including the murderer of Alpha Flight being appointed the new Guardian-to save Sasquatch from the Wrecking Crew & their menacing mystical allies. But, as the last remaining original Alpha Flight member on the team, are his days numbered? And if Sasquatch does survive, will he be in any condition to stop the rampaging Wrecking Crew?


With the first three issues of Omega Flight sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level), and ties to the red-hot Initiative storyline, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Omega Flight #4, the penultimate chapter of this hit limited series. With Beta Rey Bill down for the count, Sasquatch possibly nearing the end and the entire team in disarray, can the Canadian super-team venir a l'aide of their teammates and gagner la bataille? There's only one way to find out True Believer-and it's by making sure you don't miss Omega Flight #4!


OMEGA FLIGHT #4 (of 5) (MAY072153)


Penciles & Cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-6/21/07, On-Sale-7/11/07



Ultimate NEW X-Men?


Robert Kirkman and Yanick Paquette bring you an all-new team of Ultimate X-Men!  In Ultimate X-Men #84, the man from the future, Bishop, insists that for the sake of tomorrow the X-Men need to exist today.  Creating his own team, Bishop hopes to carry on Xavier's legacy…but just who joins his team?  Just as this team of new X-Men comes together, it seems they're going to have just as many problems as the last, when a new batch of Sentinels launches an attack! Written by Robert Kirkman, with stunning art by Yanick Paquette, this is an all new, all different Ultimate X-Men.


Critics and fans alike continue to rave about the creative team of Kirkman and Paquette. Richard George of called Robert Kirkman's Ultimate X-Men "excellent," and added, "the pacing and drama are perfectly timed."


Newsarama.Com's Kelly Koben agreed, also gushing about Paquette's "stellar artwork on this series."


A similar sentiment was echoed by's Aaron Stueve, who described Paquette's art as, "His line work is sharp and thin, his backgrounds are clear and realistic," describing the overall look as "beautiful."


Bishop and his new team are in for a wild ride as they face off against the giant-mutant-hunting-machines, and you'll never guess who's behind these vicious attacks!  So don't miss this new beginning for the X-Men, in Ultimate X-Men #84, bringing an x-citing new uncanny team to the Ultimate universe!


ULTIMATE X-MEN #84 (MAY072094)


Pencils and Cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-6/21/07, On-Sale-7/11/07



The Isolationist Returns To X-Factor


After years of planning and waiting, the frightening Isolationist finally leaves his castle of ice to hunt down the man known as Jamie Madrox in X-Factor #21.  But is the Isolationist a friend or foe to the X-Factor?  Legendary writer Peter David and fan favorite artist Pablo Raimondi present an issue of mystery and suspense with Marvel's most unusual team of mutants. But even the most ardent X-Fan may not know that The Isolationist made his debut back in the pages of X-Factor (vol. 1) #89, when David hinted at the agenda of this shadowy figure. Now a decade's long mystery will be revealed…and will leave the members of X-Factor reeling!


As if the appearance of the Isolationist wasn't enough, the members of X-Factor all cope with surprising new developments; Rictor springs into action, Siryn and Monet accept a new case, Guido receives a job offer, and Layla discovers something that will shock the entire team!


Also, X-Factor #21 features part three of X-Men: Endangered Species, the epic quest of one mutant-the famous X-Man Beast-trying to solve the puzzle of mutant extinction before time runs out! This can't miss chapter is written by Mike Carey (X-Men) and penciled by Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man).


Be sure to pick up a copy of X-Factor #21 to learn about all the exciting developments in Mutant Town !


X-FACTOR #21 (MAY072158)




Rated T+ … $2.99

FOC-6/21/07, On-Sale-7/11/07


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