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surferOne week until Norrin Radd hits theatres in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Surfer himself is ready for his close-up in the upcoming Silver Surfer: Requiem #2. The Fantastic Four are buys, too: the new FF (feat. Black Panther and Storm filling in for a vacationing Reed and Sue) will have to use their brains if they don't want to lose them to the Marvel Zombies in Black Panther #28, while Sue Storm stops by Xavier's school in the first ish of the ongoing tale from the past X-Men: First Class. Plus, Matt Murdock may lose another loved one in Daredevil #98 and Joss Whedon continues his run on Runaways #27.



Silver Surfer Requiem #1 Sells Out


J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic's stunning first issue of Silver Surfer: Requiem has sold-out at Diamond.  This astonishing issue retells the origin of Marvel's premiere cosmic nomad, and puts him face-to-face with his own mortality.


"Requiem is just really well written, from beginning to end everything is put together great," says  "The story is very compelling as the reader get's to see Norrin Radd come to terms with his fate." calls Staczynski "fantastic" and "on his game."  Silver Bullet goes on to say Ribic's art "truly captures the fantastic nature of these characters" and that it is "reminiscent of Alex Ross' work on Marvels."'s David Baxter raves about Esad Ribic's art saying, "His fully painted pages are magisterial to the extreme, presenting the title character with all the glory and grandeur that such a figure so richly deserves.  It's an ingenious, skillful blend of the mundane and the majestic and it just plain works wonders for the Surfer, both for the character and the unique world of big-and-small he inhabits."


Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 is the first of a four part tale that will test Norrin Radd with an enemy that he has no way to defeat.  So be sure to pick up the next 3 issues of J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic's break-out hit. 


Readers are advised that there may still be copies of Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 at the retailer level.  Marvel has no plans at this time to go back to press on the first issue and advises retailers to adjust their orders appropriately on Silver Surfer: Requiem #2.


SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM #2 (of 4) (APR072331)
Paints and Cover by ESAD RIBIC
FOC – 6/7, On Sale-6/27/2007

Written by STAN LEE
Variant Painted Cover by ESAD RIBIC
All Ages …$74.99
On Sale Now!


The New Fantastic Four Vs The Marvel Zombies!


The New Fantastic Four-Black Panther, Storm, Human Torch & The Thing-have faced Galactus and the Silver Surfer, but now they face an even larger threat in Black Panther #28-The Marvel Zombies! Imbued with the power of Galactus from their recent tussle-they say he tasted like chicken-the Marvel Zombies are intent on devouring the Skrull home planet. Our heroes have two problems-they've landed on that same planet…and they're in an alternate dimension with no way home! Writer Reginald Hudlin and artist Francis Portela invite you to jump onboard for the beginning of the latest New Fantastic Four adventure, as T'Challa confronts an enemy even he may not be able to defeat!


Featuring a cover by Marvel Zombie's Arthur Suydam, Black Panther #28 is another can't miss issue from the series that Newsarama.Com's Caleb Mozzocco called, "a nice, fun clobber-filled FF story, with nice humorous dialogue," while Hannibal Tabu of ComicBookResources.Com praised, "the soothing artistic styles of Francis Portela, Victor Olazaba and Val Staples." With ties to the popular The Initiative storyline and as the first story to follow up on the events of Marvel Zombies, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on the beginning of a red-hot storyline. It's slobberin' time!


Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC-6/07/07, On-Sale-6/27/07


School Is In Session For New Ongoing X-Men: First Class!

Summer might be right around the corner for most, but school is back in session for the five original 1! That's right true believers, you demanded it and Marvel was more than happy to oblige-the original team is back. Writer Jeff Parker and artist Roger Cruz are back with more in continuity stories about the early years of Xavier's first students and this time, it's an ongoing series! It all begins with guest-star Invisible Girl, picked by Professor X to be a role model for Jean Grey…but will things turn out fantastic or "madtastic" when a certain villain shows up?


Find out how the X-Men first became a family in the series that Kevin Powers of called, "easily one of the most fun series I've read in a long time." And don't forget to check out the X-Men: First Class HC, collecting all eight issues of the critically acclaimed X-Men: First Class limited series in one must-have volume. X-Men: First Class is back, and this time the X-Men are going to get a higher education!


Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by ROGER CRUZ
Rated A …$2.99
FOC-6/07/07, On-Sale-6/27/07

Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by ROGER CRUZ
Rated A …$24.99


Will Daredevil's Wife Survive?


Karen Page. Elektra. All the women Matt Murdock has loved have been violently taken from him, victims of unspeakable tragedies and in Daredevil #98, his wife Milla Donovan may be next! The Gladiator has returned, more enraged and brutal than ever, with one purpose in mind: making Matt Murdock suffer! With the defender of Hell's Kitchen in police custody and the Gladiator alone with a terrified Milla, things aren't looking good for the wife of Daredevil…and history isn't on her side either. The penultimate chapter of "To The Devil, His Due" will have huge ramifications for Daredevil as he races towards the milestone Daredevil #100.


The Eisner-nominated team of Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano continue to earn acclaim for their run on Daredevil. "Brubaker, Lark and Gaudiano tell a gripping tale that moves at a frenetic pace," said Richard Renteria of Newsarama.Com, who also praised the series as one "that never slows down the story and makes the reader feel as if they are in for the ride of their lives."


David Wallace of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com praised Daredevil for being "deftly-constructed, coupling suspense and mystery elements with an emphasis on character which ties the dense plots to a solid emotional base, as well as allowing for enough superhero fight scenes to satisfy action junkies" and further said the series is "one of the most reliably satisfying monthly superhero comics being published today."


With his wife's life in peril and seemingly no way to reach her, Daredevil may be headed for the worst day in life. One thing's for sure-by the end of this issue, no one's going to be the same!


DAREDEVIL #98 (APR072295)

Written by ED BRUBAKER

Penciled by MICHAEL LARK


Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-6/07/07, On-Sale-6/27/07


The Runaways Hit A Dead End!


Superstar scribe Joss Whedon and fan favorite penciller Michael Ryan continue their critically acclaimed "run" on Marvel's hottest teen team in Runaways # 27! Under their tenure, Whedon & Ryan have taken the Runaways to New York and introduced them to some very important people, such as the Kingpin and the Punisher. Now the team is taking a giant step backwards… to 1907! So what's in 1907? Tons of new characters!  Both friendly and unfriendly faces from Runaways issues past!  Action!  Love!  All this and comedy to boot!  Also, meet a new character that will become a Runaway!


Critics continue to praise Runaways, with Richard Renteria of explaining, "Whedon and Ryan continue their successful run on the title and take no shortcuts in delivering a great story."


"Whedon presents some brilliant ideas that make me really excited for what's around the corner," gushed Richard George of IGN.Com.


You've already seen Whedon & Ryan take the Runaways where they've never been before…and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Strap yourself in for the more surprising Runaways story yet, "Dead End Kids" continues in Runaways #27!


RUNAWAYS #27 (APR072328)

Written by JOSS WHEDON

Penciled by MICHAEL RYAN

Cover by JO CHEN

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC-6/07/07, On-Sale-6/27/07





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