Marvel Comics 04.08.09 | The Return of Blink

exiles_header.jpgBlink returns—Because You Demanded It!—in the pages of the relaunched Exiles #1, and we’ve got a whopping seven-page preview, plus it’s more flesh-eatin’ fun than you can shake a stick at in Marvel Zombies 4 #1.



Blink Returns In Exiles #1!

Because You Demanded It– Blink makes her return as heroes are pulled out of their worlds, away from everything they know! It all starts in Exiles #1, the beginning of a new series by acclaimed writer Jeff Parker (writer of the sold-out Agents of Atlas) and artist Salvador Espin! Due to shifting in the mechanics of the universe, things aren’t what they used to be: The Beast, The Witch, Panther, Forge and Polaris have been pulled together from different words, with a new mission…but why? It all begins here!


Plus, get your first look behind the scenes of the all new Exiles #1 in the FREE Exiles Sketchbook, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited at!


What brought this team together and can they set their differences aside long enough to finish what they started? Don’t miss Exiles #1!


EXILES #1 (FEB092559)


Written by JEFF PARKER



Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant by JASON CHAN

Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC-3/19/09, On-Sale-4/8/09

Take A Bite Out Of Marvel Zombies 4 #1!

The fan favorite creative team behind Marvel Zombies 3 returns with a brand new chapter in the Marvel Zombies mythos! Acclaimed writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kev Walker join forces once again in Marvel Zombies 4 #1 with another adventure full of action, thrills and gore! The new Midnight Sons are the only ones who can prevent the inevitable apocalypse, but how long can they last? This issue also features a variant by seminal zombie artist Arthur Suydam!


Fans and critics alike agree-Van Lente & Walker are a hit on Marvel Zombies:


"Van Lente hits all the right notes here, as he balances the sick humor with an engaging plot, providing a few twists and turns in just a single issue. And Walker ‘s art is streamlined an effective, with a kind of blocky Steve Dillon vibe that I haven’t seen from him before." Timothy Callahan,


"Writer Fred Van Lente manages to merge two of my favorite things in recent Marvel history, the dark horror of the Marvel Zombies and the wry, vicious Aaron Stack from the late, lamented Nextwave.  Kev Walker manages to convey pure horror and comedy (sometimes even in the same panel)." Matthew Peterson,

" Walker does an amazing job of the artwork in this issue. […] The issue is bright and bold, with fantastic action which does a great job of translating Van Lente’s amazing script onto the page." Adam Chapman, 


Can the new Midnight Sons track down the undead and protect their mainland from complete destruction? Find out this and more in Marvel Zombies 4 #1!


MARVEL ZOMBIES 4 #1 (of 4) (FEB092557)



Penciled by KEV WALKER

Cover by GREG LAND

Variant Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM

Parental Advisory…$3.99

FOC-3/19/09, On-Sale-4/8/09


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