Marvel Comics 01.25.12 | The Red Light Nation

Captain America and Hawkeye enter a secret nation run by the Masters of Evil in Secret Avengers #21.1, plus the FF, the Inhumans, and Johnny’s Light Brigade battle the Kree Supreme Intelligence in Fantastic Four #602.


Your First Look At Remender & Zircher’s SECRET AVENGERS #21.1!
Critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender kicks his explosive run on Secret Avengers in style in Secret Avengers #21.1! Joined by superstar artist Patrick Zircher, Remender sends Captain America’s covert strike force into the belly of the beast as he and Hawkeye uncover a huge threat to the Marvel Universe. The two must break into Red Light Nation, a country run by criminals FOR criminals, to stop an evil plot from breaching the border…headed up by an all-new Masters of Evil?! No fan can miss this perfect jumping on point as Remender and Zircher take the Secret Avengers on action packed thrill ride uncovering the dark underbelly of the Marvel Universe. It all begins next month in Secret Avengers #21.1!
Pencils & Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER
FOC – 12/26/11, ON SALE – 1/25/12


Your First Look At FANTASTIC FOUR #602!
Johnny Storm has returned and he’s brought along some new friends to save the world in your first look at Fantastic Four #602! From the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson, the Fantastic Four have their hands full as an intergalactic war threatens the well-being of Earth. It’s up to the combined might of the Inhumans, Johnny’s new Light Brigade and Earth’s Mightiest to quell the forces of the Kree Supreme Intelligence. Will the Annihilation Wave be enough to turn the tide? Find out as “Forever” continues in Fantastic Four #602!
Cover by MIKE CHOI
FOC – 12/26/11, ON SALE – 1/25/12
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