Marvel Comics 01.08.14 | Beautiful and Lethal

All-New X-Factor_1_headerFirst, the world’s foremost leader in cutting-edge weapons technology has just unveiled their newest contribution to society: it’s superhuman division in All-New X-Factor #1. Then, in the year 1933, the man who will become the Wolverine finds himself the accidental caretaker of a group of orphans who’ve been targeted by the mob in Savage Wolverine 14.NOW. Finally, Natasha’s past is paved with bloody memories, and her path to atonement will take her to the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe and beyond in Black Widow #1.


Beautiful and Lethal – Your First Look at BLACK WIDOW #1!

This January, Natasha fights off her demons in the new Black Widow #1, the action-packed new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto! You’ve seen her as an Avenger and even an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. – now prepare for a side of her you’ve never seen before!

Though she now walks a righteous path, Natasha’s past is paved with bloody memories. The death and destruction from her past as a KGB assassin still haunts her – and she now seeks atonement for past sins. Atonement that will take her to the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe and beyond. And commit acts the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. would not approve of.

“Phil Noto and Nathan Edmondson have one those magical creative partnerships that brings out the best in both of them,” says series Editor Ellie Pyle. “Together they bring you a Natasha who is unsettlingly human in the midst of all the action and intrigue you’d expect.”

Deadly foes and lethal threats await around every turn – and the Black Widow stands alone. Don’t miss this new series that’s as gorgeous and dangerous as Natasha herself when Black Widow #1 is released this January!



Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO

and SKOTTIE YOUNG also available!

FOC – 12/09/13, On-Sale 01/08/14

Black Widow_1_Cover

Black Widow_1_Preview_1

Black Widow_1_Preview_2

Black Widow_1_Preview_3


Isanove Goes Savage – Your First Look at SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!

Witness the Mysterious Mutant Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

This January, acclaimed artist Richard Isanove peels back another layer of Logan’s mysterious origin in Wrath – the beginning of the all-new story arc beginning in SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!

The year is 1933 at the height of Prohibition. Dust storms rage in the Midwest – and the man who will become the Wolverine makes his living carrying whiskey across the border from Canada. That is, until he finds himself the accidental caretaker of a group of orphans who’ve been targeted by the mob.

Richard is a master of noir, and he brings that sensibility to Wolverine in his earlier, more formative years, says Editor Jeanine Schaefer. “He’s crafted a Logan who’s been hardened by a life of violence, but still holds out hope for peace…and in the end one side of him must come out on top. Richard’s art has never looked better —  I think readers are going to get hooked on his very specific brand of storytelling!“

Now, the first “X-Man” must choose between the anonymous life he’s chosen or stepping out into the spotlight to defend the innocent once more. Witness an early tale of the mutant who will become the Wolverine as he faces his destiny as the hero he was born to be this January in SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW!

Every FIRST ISSUE bearing the All New Marvel NOW! branding includes a code for a free digital copy of that same comic on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices. But that’s not all! Select .NOW!titles, including SAVAGE WOLVERINE 14.NOW will also come with a digital code for the entire firstcollection of that series ABSOLUTELY FREE!



Art and Cover by RICHARD ISANOVE

Variant Covers by PHIL NOTO & CHRIS SAMNEE Also Available

FOC – 12/09/13 On-Sale – 01/08/13

Savage Wolverine_14.NOW_Cover

Savage Woverine_14.NOW_Preview_1

Savage Woverine_14.NOW_Preview_2

Savage Woverine_14.NOW_Preview_3

Savage Woverine_14.NOW_Preview_4


A New Team. A New Mission. Your First Look at ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1


This January, X-Factor is back like you’ve never seen them before in the exciting ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1 – from legendary X-Factor scribe Peter David and red hot artist Carmine Di Giandomenico!

Serval Industries, the world’s foremost leader in cutting-edge internet and weapons technology has just unveiled their newest contribution to society – it’s superhuman division, the All-New X-Factor! Led by Polaris, the mutant mistress of magnetism, fellow X-Factor members Quicksilver, Gambit, Danger, Cypher, and Warlock use their powers for the betterment of society.

Or are their corporate backers at Serval Industries using X-Factor for the betterment of themselves?

“So much of what happens in this country stems from corporate control and involvement,” explained Peter David, in an interview with “So why not expand that real world philosophy to the world of comics and have it be that a corporation is interested in expanding into super heroes? I mean, if super heroes really existed, that’s probably what would happen.”

Can Serval Industries be trusted? Or are their intentions much more malevolent. The mystery begins this January in the explosive ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1!


Written by PETER DAVID



FOC – 12/09/13 On-Sale – 01/08/13

All-New X-Factor_1_Cover

All-New X-Factor_1_Preview_1

All-New X-Factor_1_Preview_2

All-New X-Factor_1_Preview_3

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