Image Comics 12.5.12 | Hell Hath No Fury

ilovetrouble01 headerFirst, Frank and Judith find themselves in a detention center overrun with zombie inmates in Alpha Girl #5. Then, Song awakens from her near death slumber to find government drones and super-powered mercenaries breathing down her neck in Epic Kill #7. Next, a New Orleans grifter discovers she possesses an unusual superpower under less than ideal circumstances in I Love Trouble #1. Finally, it’s a tale of romantic turmoil spread across two decades and opposite coasts in Black Kiss II #5.


Alpha Girl #5

A traumatized Frank develops an appetite for zombie slaughter as he and Judith finally arrive at Buddy’s detention center, only to discover it’s over run with zombie inmates. This mini-series finale has more blood than Halloween and more crazy broads than Showgirls!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: JUL120483

On Sale: December 05, 2012

alphagirl05 cover

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Black Kiss II #5 (of 6)

Welcome to Los Angeles, 1984. A trying time and a difficult place for relationships of every stripe, as old lovers fall out and new ones fall in. And Las Vegas, 1991, where and when nostalgia for a carefree world of sexual depravity makes for the strangest bedfellows.

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: OCT120513

On Sale: December 05, 2012

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Epic Kill #7

Trapped between life and death in a nether zone of imagination, Song awakens just in time to fight alongside her Uncle against government drones and super-powered mercenaries.

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: OCT120523

On Sale: December 05, 2012

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I Love Trouble #1

“DISAPPEARING ACT” Felicia Castillo, a New Orleans grifter, is on the run from mobsters in our premiere issue, when she discovers she possesses an unusual superpower in the middle of a plane crash.

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: OCT120460

On Sale: December 05, 2012

ilovetrouble01 cover

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