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starbright headerAs the dead multiply, hidden sins in Vietnam are revealed in ’68: Scars #3. The intrigue continues to pile up in Morning Glories #23. A young girl has her beauty stolen away by an evil sorceress in Star Bright and the Looking Glass HC. Then, the world’s leading expert in supernatural disease decides to unwind a little and gets more than he bargains for in Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #1 (of 6).



’68: Scars #3

As the dead multiply, cities fall and the human race assumes a new position on the food chain. In Vietnam, hidden sins are revealed, sanity teeters and the thin veil between humanity and barbarism shreds at the sound of a high-powered gunshot. In this demonic jungle abyss…it’s getting hard to tell who the monsters are.

Price: $3.99

Diamond ID: APR120525

On Sale: November 28, 2012

Genres: Horror

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Morning Glories #23

“Promises, Promises.”

Price: PI

Diamond ID: JUL120511

On Sale: November 28, 2012

mornglor23 cover

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Star Bright and the Looking Glass HC

When Star Bright, a forest maiden, encounters an evil sorceress who steals her beauty, she must embark on a dangerous journey with her animal friends – Toad, Owl and Capybara – to retrieve it. JONATHAN LUNA, of THE LUNA BROTHERS (GIRLS, THE SWORD, ULTRA), makes his solo debut, writing and illustrating an original fairy-tale picture book of prose and 36 full-page watercolor illustrations in a 9×12″ hardcover format.

Price: $19.99

Diamond ID: SEP120415

On Sale: November 28, 2012

starbright cover

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Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #1 (of 6)

The breakout medical horror hit from ROBERT KIRKMAN’s Skybound imprint is back on call! Even the world’s leading expert in supernatural disease needs to unwind sometimes. But when Dr. Morrow wakes up with no memory of what – and who! – he did last night, is it just a case of partying too hard… or something more malignant? (Hint: It’s the malignant one!) “Terrifying, hilarious, and above all else, smart.” – The A.V. Club

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: SEP120407

On Sale: November 28, 2012

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