Image Comics 11.28.07 | Archibald Saves Christmas

aaThe slick stylings of classic Disney animation meet with the twisted mind behind The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo in this yuletide-themed murder mystery from Image Comics and Shadowline, due just in time for the holidays.


Shadowline is proud to announce that this month we have a 1-shot that is unlike anything we released thus far! Archibald Saves Christmas, written by DWIGHT L. MACPHERSON (The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo) and illustrated by GRANT BOND.

Upon his discharge from a psychiatric hospital after being blamed for several heinous slayings, Archibald Aardvark wants nothing more than to be left alone to solve the murders and clear his name. But his former movie studio employer has other ideas and coerces Archibald into starring in what will be his comeback film: "Archibald Aardvark Saves Christmas." It is not to be as studio security finds Santa murdered and too many clues point back to Archibald to be ignored.

Unlike the majority of books these days, the concept for this book was actually created by the artist, and he took his idea to a writer he felt would do his creation justice.

"Archibald has lived in my head and in doodles in one form or another since I was a kid," explains Grant Bond. "I caught an old Christmas cartoon last holiday season and got a mental flash of Archibald living in this world. Most of the characters I create are severely flawed and Archibald is no exception. I knew his brother was murdered and he was on a perpetual downward spiral. I wanted this book to convey how real these characters felt and thought their world is. That their rundown world of black and white is becoming obsolete, color is slowly creeping in and most of them don't like it. Some would even kill to stop it!"

Grant took this idea to Dwight MacPherson, whom he had worked with previously on Gene Simmons' House of Horrors. Dwight was a fan of Grant's before they even met, and the resulting collaboration proved fruitful!

"[Grant] threw the ball on the parquet and we dribbled it up and down the court, passing back and forth until we came up with what we think is a very unique, disturbing and otherwise socially unacceptable book," says Dwight. "I like to think of it as the bastard son of "Sin City" and "Roger Rabbit."

Grant agrees, "Dwight captured it perfectly."

Shadowline President Jim Valentino adds, "This book is like Tex Avery turned up to 15 on a system that doesn't go past ten! It is truly one of the most original and entertaining books I've ever published!"

ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS carries a cover price of $3.50 and is due to hit stores the last week of November.

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