Image Comics 11.14.12 | Who Hunts the Huntsman?

hoaxhunters05 headerPeople are forced to look on some of the mortal truths of their profession in Elephantmen #44. Cassie and the Hack/Slash gang prepare for all out war in Hack/Slash #20. Then it’s a devilish tale from New Jersey in Hoax Hunters #5. Finally, Jon finds himself in the crosshairs of some powerful and mysterious people in Where is Jake Ellis? #1.



Elephantmen #44


Is she really going out with him?

Price: $3.99

Diamond ID: JUL120497

On Sale: November 14, 2012

Genres: Science Fiction                        

elephantmen44 cover

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elephantmen44 p6


Hack/Slash #20

“FINAL,” Part One

The beginning of the end! Brand new regular artist ELENA CASAGRANDE (Angel, Hulk)! Cat Curio brings grim news! Cassie and Vlad fight! And Samhain prepares for an all out war, with slashers as his undying soldiers.

Price: PI

Diamond ID: JUL120500

On Sale: November 14, 2012

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Supernatural

 hackslash20 covera

hackslash20 coverb

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Hoax Hunters #5

“TAG” In 1984 New Jersey, a young woman runs from her hidden, devilish past – and the monster that may be hunting her down. Special guest artist EMILIO LAISO (HACK/SLASH) delivers this chilling tale from the Hoax Hunters archives!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: SEP120506

On Sale: November 14, 2012

 hoaxhunters05 cover

hoaxhunters05 p1

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Where is Jake Ellis? #1 (of 5)

“CHAPTER SIX,” Jon is in hiding. For almost a year, he has survived on his own in a remote corner of the world, but the powers behind the Facility have not forgotten him. The most wanted man in the world is soon in the crosshairs of powerful and mysterious people, and he will not be able to stop them on his own.

Price: $3.50

Diamond ID: SEP120405

On Sale: November 14, 2012

whereisjake cover

whereisjake p1

whereisjake p2

whereisjake p3

whereisjake p4

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