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guardglobe03 headerImage embraces a myriad of different heroic stories in Creator Owned Heroes #6. A Chupacabra encounters a Wolf-man in Guarding The Globe #3. And Super Dinosaur has some hard decisions to make in Super Dinosaur #15.




Creator Owned Heroes #6

STARTING: a monthly feature featuring graphic strips and material by DARWYN COOKE. “KILLSWITCH,” Part Two Locked in a Peruvian Prison, Kill Switch awaits a Mexican hit squad as he tries to discover who put a bounty on his head and why. The bullets fly as our hero is led into a deadly game of death against the world’s best and most eccentric assassins, but the gloves come off when they threaten his family. “BLACK SPARROW” Part Two His only son is dead, tried and hung for crimes the boy may or may not have committed. Now a father waits by the graveside. All he can do is pray and hope that his only son is not the evil the townspeople claim. Plus: Interviews, contests, art galleries, con photos, and original articles all celebrating the creator-owned spirit.

Price: $3.99

Diamond ID: SEP120491

On Sale: November 07, 2012

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Guarding The Globe #3

The Guardians continue their routine of defending the world and repairing the damage Set caused in Paris… meanwhile, El Chupacabra runs into a familiar face… but it may not be on friendly terms! Guest starring THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: SEP120501

On Sale: November 07, 2012

Genres: Action/Adventure, Superhero

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Super Dinosaur #15

ESCAPE FROM INNER-EARTH: CONCLUSION! Derek is now aware of the REPTILOIDS and the threat they pose to the surface world. Super Dinosaur has learned so much about where he comes from–will he want to come back? Answers to this question and more as the stage is set for the next few years of Super Dinosaur adventures! This is where it all begins, people!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: AUG120530

On Sale: November 07, 2012

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