Image Comics 10.31.12 | Separating the Mice from the Men

epoch HEADERNYPD Detective Jonah Wright finds himself thrust into the middle of a mysterious supernatural tournament in Epoch Vol. 1. Then, the heroic Karic journeys into the darkest depths of his own subconscious in The Mice Templar Vol. 3.




THE GREATEST TOURNAMENT THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEGINS ANEW! Jonah Wright is an NYPD detective assigned to a mysterious murder case that threatens to rip him from the reality he knows and into the shadow world of his heritage – the Supernatural. Jonah’s quest will drop him deep in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of society and will plunge him into an ancient tournament known only as… EPOCH! Collects EPOCH #1-5

Price: $19.99

Diamond ID: JUL120393

On Sale: October 31, 2012

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The Mice Templar Vol. 3 HC

“A MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DREAM” Karic was the prophesied “Chosen One,” yet now all the Dark Lands will suffer for his audacious actions against King Icarus and the snake god of the druids. Winter has come to the Shadow Time. The Druid High Priest claims the vacant throne and unleashes a wave of tyranny. Civil war looms between rats and weasels. The legend of “Karic Lives” sparks open rebellion. While the hero Karic lies in a feverish coma, unable to wake: yet his dreams are a portal to the Outer Darkness, where the accursed evil of Donas the Nathair lays claim to Karic’s very soul. The two-time Harvey Award-winning series continues, from the acclaimed writer of THOR: FIRST THUNDER and the co-creator of POWERS and TAKIO!

Price: $29.99

Diamond ID: AUG110443

On Sale: October 31, 2012

Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy



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