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fullcolorheaderThe book may be Full Color, but the art is in stark, stunning black & white in this revenge tale from Xeric Award-winning creator Mark Haven Britt.






Mark Haven Britt's Revenge-Fueled OGN Debuts in July




BERKELEY, CA — 29 MAY, 2007 — We've all had bosses that we've hated. What if you just told your boss EXACTLY what you thought? Xeric Award-winning Mark Haven Britt's new whirlwind graphic novel FULL COLOR answers that question. The 176-page black and white revenge-fueled morality tale goes on sale this July 18th.


And yes, it is a black and white book entitled FULL COLOR.


This graphic novel tells the story of Boom, a young woman who is pushed to the brink of madness. Boom decides she's going to get her whole life in order in one day or she's going to kill herself. The same day she decides to go after her boss, she comes home to find an old friend standing on her fire escape. David's double-crossed a drug dealer and he's looking for help. Boom tells him, "I can't. I've given myself one day to make it all right or I'm just going to kill myself. What do you think of that?" David smiles, "Chaos it is, then. We'll need coffee."


The story is an odyssey through New York City featuring dog fights, hot tubs, rainy alleyways and even a breakfast with Bill Clinton.


"This book is a hybrid of everything I love about comics: pulpy action, kinetic visuals and humor. While this book has no shortage of morbidity, I swear it's funny!" says Britt. "I wrote this at a time when I had a job I loathed and New York had just exploded. This was just something I had to write. This book has been my life for the past five years and I have poured my heart into it. I think you can see that in the pages."


FULL COLOR is a 176-page black and white graphic novel with a cover price of $15.99 and goes on sale July 11, 2007. ISBN: 978-1582408408 It is availible for order through Diamond Previews (MAY071852)


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