Image Comics 03.06.13 | Unsuspecting Heroes

ilovetrouble04 headerA reformed villain has one final test to pass in Bedlam #5. Then, Felicia hones her little teleportation trick while training to become a cold-blooded assassin, but when the time comes can she pull the trigger in I Love Trouble #4? Finally, instead of trying to suppress her newfound powers, Mara goes public in Mara #3.


Bedlam #5

“A great weeping.”

Price: $3.50

Diamond ID: DEC120548

On Sale: March 06, 2013

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I Love Trouble #4

“OWE MY SOUL TO THE COMPANY STORE” Felicia hones her little teleportation trick, and picks up a few new ones, while training with Mars to become a cold-blooded assassin. At least, that’s what they expect her to be. But Felicia learns that while it might be no trouble for her to get next to her target, pulling the trigger isn’t as easy. And living with her conscience afterwards is even tougher.

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: JAN130593

On Sale: March 06, 2013

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Mara #3 (of 6)

Seeing her friends and supporters abandon her, and instead of trying to suppress her newfound powers, Mara goes public. Openly displaying her rapidly developing abilities, she challenges the bias and discrimination. People start to see her as not a freak, but rather someone who can’t be stopped, and that starts to make a lot of very serious people very concerned. Socially-aware superheroics in a world we’ve never seen. Brian Wood, Ming Doyle, and Jordie Bellaire bring the goods.

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: DEC120576

On Sale: March 06, 2013

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