Image Comics 02.06.13 | Your Days Are Numbered

diamuertos01 headerFirst, it’s a collection of tales from beyond the grave in Dia De Los Muertos #1. Then, Settling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has led Chas Worthington down an insanely dangerous path in Great Pacific #4. Finally, when a comic book enthusiast finds a strange phone, he also finds himself the target of a vengeful hitman in Snapshot #1.



Dia De Los Muertos #1 (of 3)

Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, artist extraordinaire, RILEY ROSSMO (DEBRIS, GREEN WAKE, COWBOY NINJA VIKING, REBEL BLOOD) joins forces with nine different writers over three issues to tell tall tales from beyond the grave! This issue’s writers are ALEX LINK (REBEL BLOOD), CHRISTOPHER LONG (X-Men Unlimited, Hiding In Time, Easy Way) and DIRK MANNING (NIGHTMARE WORLD, Write or Wrong). Future issues will feature stories by ED BRISSON (COMEBACK), ALEX GRECIAN (PROOF), JOE KEATINGE (HELL YEAH), JEFF MARRIOTTE (FADE TO BLACK), KURTIS WIEBE (PETER PANZERFAUST) and JOSHUA WILLIAMSON (XENOHOLICS). In this issue: A mariachi falls in love with a woman who strongly resembles his lost love, a father is abused by a poltergeist, and a girl who’s mother died when she was born visits the land of the dead in her dreams.

Price: $4.99

Diamond ID: NOV120443

On Sale: February 06, 2013

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Great Pacific #4

“TRASHED!” Part Four Settling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has led Chas Worthington down an insanely dangerous path. But when the lovely and mysterious French aviator, Zoe crashes onto his island nation, things only get worse. Meanwhile, the corporation and the government Chas fled conspire to drag his fugitive hide back to Texas!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: DEC120564

On Sale: February 06, 2013

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Snapshot #1 (of 4)

Jake Dobson is your typical nerd; works at the Near-Mint Rhino comic-book store in San Francisco. But when he finds a lost cell phone, he’s horrified to discover it’s full of snapshots of a murder victim. Suddenly he finds himself hunted by a vengeful hitman who wants his phone back… and Jake in a body bag! And then things start to get *really* complicated… Don’t miss the first ever creator-owned thriller from the team behind THE LOSERS and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE!

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: DEC120505

On Sale: February 06, 2013

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