First Look | Marvel Comics shipping 4/26

Check out previews of Annihilation: Ronan #1, Amazing Spider-Man #531, Wolverine #41, and X-Factor #6!

Another week, another stack of fantastic Marvel Comics previews, presented in handy-dandy alphabetical order!

In Annihilation: Ronan #1, the Kree bad-ass loses his official title as Ronan the Accuser and he’s none too happy about it. Check out the cover and first six pages of the new 4-issue mini-series by famed Transformers writer Simon Furman and artist Jorge Lucas, and retails for a cool $2.99.

In Amazing Spider-Man #531, the wallcrawler and his brand-new, Tony Stark-designed battle suit go toe-to-toe with the Titanium Man. $2.99 will buy you this puppy from long-time Spidey writer J. Michael Straczynski and Tyler Kirkham, artist on the Top Cow series V.I.C.E.  Check out six non-sequential, non-scripted pages below.

Marvel couldn’t resist sticking a pun about Adventures in Babysitting into their solicitation for Wolverine #41, where for $3.99 you can see writer Stuart Moore and artist CP Smith put Wolverine through the ringer as he protects a small infant on a trek across darkest Africa.

In X-Factor #6, secrets are finally revealed about Layla Miller, the mysterious mutant from the House of M. Writer Peter David and artist Dennis Calero spill the beans for a mere $2.99.

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