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friendlyheaderYour Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man drops by to say hello while wearing his black togs, and Frank Castle takes on Bushwacker in Matt Faction and Ariel Olivetti's latest issue of Punisher War Journal.



Blackout: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17 Sells Out

The first issue of Spider-Man's Back in Black event, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, has sold out at Diamond.

For Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, compared it to the original appearance of the Spider-Man's black costume, saying, "Don't miss out on this landmark re-emergence that could become the next Amazing Spider-Man #252."

Adam Chapman's review on proclaimed, "Great work by the entire creative team. Recommended!"

Marvel has no plans at this time to go back to press on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17. Retailers are advised to increase their orders on upcoming issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as well as other Back in Black titles Amazing Spider-Man, Sensational Spider-Man, and Spider-Man Family.

Don't miss Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18 as Back in Black continues with Spidey teaming with his long-time enemy, the Sandman, to save an innocent man on death row accused of the recent killing of…Uncle Ben? It's action and adventure featuring everyone's favorite arachnid in his fan-favorite duds.

Note, copies of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17 may still be available at the retailer level. This the mysterious first re-appearance of the black costume, and the start of a deadly new phase in Peter's life, so be sure to snag copies while they are available.

Written by PETER DAVID
Penciled by TODD NAUCK
Rated A …$2.99
FOC -2/15, On-Sale -3/7/2007

Times Square Standoff in Punisher War Journal #5

Bushwacker is back in Punisher War Journal #5 and anyone who stand in his way of getting revenge on the Punisher will pay with their life.

In a calculated act of malice, the Bushwacker has taken a hostage in the heart of Times Square. With every TV camera in the world rolling, it's New York City's biggest nightmare, and it's coming down live.

As G.W. Bridge watches the worst day of his life uncoil in real time, a lone beat cop is the only thing that's keeping Bushwacker in check… and when Bushwacker demands to see Frank Castle… well, that's when things get really interesting.

The ending of this issue will punch you in the face and laugh at your tears. By Matt Fraction (CASANOVA, THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST) and Young Guns Reloaded artist Ariel Olivetti (THE LAST AVENGERS STORY).

Pencils and Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC -2/22, On-Sale -3/14/2007

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