First Look | Marvel Comics 11/15, plus a special advance look

The Ides of November bring Civil War repercussions in Iron Man #13 and, from the pages of Daredevil, White Tiger #1, plus a special sneak peek at what Marvel's giving you for Christmas.  

See Tony Stark in a New Civil War Light in Iron Man #13

For months, readers have seen Iron Man as the leader of the Pro-Registration forces in the pages of Civil War, but in Iron Man #13, Tony Stark's feelings and reasoning for his stance in the war are finally revealed.

Tony Stark has taken up arms against his friends and allies in the name of Super-Human Registration. But making that decision was not easy for him, and it's a decision that has kept him up each night since the Act passed.

Find out what prompted a prominent leader of the super-hero community to turn on his own. Get inside Tony Stark's head, to understand why he supports the registration act so strongly, and why he is willing to use any means necessary to enforce it. And, see how conflicted the stoic hero truly is when he's behind closed doors.

By the end of Iron Man #13 and the conclusion of the Civil War arc in Iron Man #14, be prepared to see Tony Stark in a whole new light.

IRON MAN #13 (AUG062049)
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
FOC -10/26, On-Sale -11/15/2006


White Tiger #1 Preview and Tamora Pierce Podcast

Roaring out of the pages of Daredevil and written by famed NY Times best-selling fantasy author Tamora Pierce comes the White Tiger.

To listen to a podcast featuring Pierce and co-writer Timothy Liebe, click here:

Featuring pencils by rising star Phil Briones, co-written by Timothy Liebe and covers by David Mack, White Tiger is a six-issue limited series that finds Angela del Toro, the daughter of the original White Tiger, struggling to comes to grips with her new life as a super hero.

Her career ruined, her mentor Matt Murdock jailed, and her uncle dead, Angela del Toro has to navigate the tricky waters of fighting the criminal underworld and gaining acceptance among the ranks of costumed vigilantes.

Witness the costumed debut of the new White Tiger in the six-issue limited-series White Tiger.

WHITE TIGER #1 (of 6) (SEP062139)
Penciled by PHIL BRIONES
Covers by DAVID MACK
40 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

FOC – 10/26, On-Sale -11/15/2006


Turner and Turnbull See Black Panther Enter Civil War

As T'Challa and Storm enter Civil War in the pages of Black Panther, superstar Michael Turner will be joining the title as cover artist for the three-issue arc "Foreign Affairs" running through issues #23-25.

A rising superstar in his own right will be taking over penciling duties for this arc of Black Panther as Aspen artist Koi Turnbull brings his dynamic pencils to the King of Wakanda.

The honeymoon is over. The diplomatic tour is almost at its end and now it is time for T'Challa and Ororo to go visit the last stop of their tour: the United States. Going back to family and friends wouldn't be so hard if the superhero community wasn't in the middle of a war, but Storm and Black Panther have no other choice. They've got to make a stand.

Writer Reginald Hudlin's latest story arc will have Storm and Black Panther in the midst of a battle they wish they could avoid. Both sides are looking to boost their numbers, but which side will this power couple ultimately join? Find out as Civil War continues in Black Panther # 23.

Penciled by KOI TURNBULL
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 12/7, On-Sale – 12/27/2006

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