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Civil War fallout in Captain America and New Avengers while Stan Lee Meets the Thing.  

Civil War Spotlight on Winter Soldier in Captain America #23

The Winter Soldier enters the Civil War and the Red Skull lays the groundwork for his greatest revenge in Captain America #23 as the "Drums of War" continue.

Captain America's life has been completely turned upside down with the passing of the Super Human Registration Act. After the events of last issue, which saw Sharon Carter and Cap's relationship pushed to the breaking point because of Civil War, things continue to get worse for Steve Rogers.

Since he learned that his long-thought-dead sidekick is among the living, Captain America has desperately been trying to catch up with Bucky, or as he is now known, the Winter Soldier. But the Winter Soldier comes across another aging war hero instead -Nick Fury.

Nick Fury has been underground since the events of Secret War, but will this new war be enough to get him to resurface? Plus, what is his connection to the Winter Soldier and what repercussions will this have on the Civil War?

Captain America's greatest enemy, the Red Skull, has slowly been ensuring Cap's downfall and now with the start of a Civil War, it is the perfect opportunity to see his plans to fruition. The Skull will form a deadly alliance that will make the entire Marvel Universe tremble beneath their heels; but what major player will it be?

The "Drums of War" play on in the pages of Captain America #23 as Civil War continues, featuring a spotlight on the Winter Soldier and a new development with the Red Skull that no one will see coming.

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Penciled by MIKE PERKINS
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC -10/5, On-Sale -10/25/2006



Civil War: Sentry Chooses in New Avengers #24

As Civil War rolls on and "New Avengers Disassembled" continues, the Sentry chooses his side in New Avengers #24. The man with the power of a thousand exploding suns has the power to end this war, but which side will he choose?

With guest penciler Pasqual Ferry, Bendis presents the next chapter of "New Avengers Disassembled" spotlighting the Golden Guardian of Good, the Sentry. As the Sentry meditates on what course of action to take, he takes a trip to the blue area of the Moon to pay a visit to the Inhumans.

The Inhumans and Earth are currently embroiled in a Cold War as a result of the events of Son of M. So what does a meeting with the Sentry mean for Earth?

Do not miss this important chapter of "New Avengers Disassembled" as this issue ties together Civil War, New Avengers, House of M, and Son of M. And more importantly, the man who could change the tide of the war by his lonesome, the Sentry, makes his decision in New Avengers #24.

NEW AVENGERS #24 (JUL061986)
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
FOC -10/5, On Sale -10/25/2006

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Stan Lee Meets the Thing

The third special in the Stan Lee Meets series features "The Man" meeting none-other-than the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing. In Stan Lee Meets the Thing, the man who helped create the House of Ideas gets to meet one of his favorite creations, Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four.

Celebrating his 65th year of working at Marvel, Stan is penning an all-new story where he writes himself into a story brought to life with the pencils of Lee Weeks. The story finds Stan making the mistake of bicycling through Yancy Street, which Ben Grimm will tell you is never a good idea.

Plus, Roy Thomas and Scott Kolins present another all-new tale featuring Lee, depicting an untold incident during Stan's years in the service with guest appearances by some of the wildest characters of comics' golden age!

And what would be a special about "The Man" without including one of his classic stories. Stan Lee Meets the Thing will also feature a reprint of Fantastic Four #79, which featured a major turning point in the relationship between the Thing and on-again, off-again flame Alicia Masters.

Come celebrate with Marvel and Stan with Stan Lee Meets the Thing, jam-packed with the great comic story-telling that made the medium the favorite of millions.

Cover by LEE WEEKS
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC -10/5, On-Sale -10/25/2006


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