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EEEK 10_headerThis retro-style anthology of all-new horror tales is guaranteed to give you the eeries and the creepies in Eeek #10.




Asylum Press releases digital first horror anthology EEEK! #10 preview


Asylum Press releases preview retro horror anthology series EEEK! #10 available on all digital platforms

Feb. 26, 2013 (Los Angeles) Asylum Press releases a preview to EEEK! #10, by Jason Paulos, a digital first horror anthology comic book on all digital platforms. EEEK! #10 will be available for purchase on March 27, 2013.

EEEK! #10 features three all new tales of terror. First up is The Emissary, a sci-fi tale of armageddon and rebirth. In The Heist a crooks paranoia gets the better of him. And finally False Alarm delivers a lonely limey who pays the price for wanting a simple cup of tea.

EEEK! #10 is a digital first comic, meaning it is all new and has never been released in print form.

This retro-style anthology of all-new horror tales is guaranteed to give you the eeries and the creepies! Taking a pinch of black humour from EC comics and mixing it with the art stylings of House of Mystery and Warren comics, EEEK! blends a heady broth that hits you like a burning incense stick to the retina. Jason Paulos delivers the goods with tales of revenge, zombies, vampires, ghouls and monsters.

“Jason Paulos is an amazing talent,” says publisher Frank Forte, “he writes and draws almost the entire book. And he draws in different styles to make it look like there are different artists. EEEK! will appeal to fans of classic horror comics of the 70’s and 80’s but also to a new generation of fans who like to laugh and gag. We hope to reach a worldwide fanbse with the digital release.”

EEEK! is available at Comixology, ComicsPlus, Graphicly, Drivethrucomics, MyDigitalComics and Ave-Comics. EEEK! is also available on Facebook, iBookstore, iPad, iPhone, KindleFire and Nook storefronts.



Asylum Press is a publishing company that produces premium comic books and graphic novels within the horror, science fiction, and action genres. Asylum Press’ books feature original, character-driven stories and cinematic artwork by top creators and newly discovered talent that will appeal to not only comic book fans, but also mainstream fiction readers who don’t normally buy comics. Asylum Press delivers high-concept books via a bold new business model that focuses on digital publishing and new distribution outlets in both the American and international markets.

Asylum Press is distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors, Liber Distributors and Tony Shenton and to the Booktrade by SCB Distributors, Ingram and Baker and Taylor. Distributed in the U.K. by Turnaround Distribution.

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