Pow! To the People 10.17.08

boostergold13-header.jpgLife as a rock star doesn’t leave much time for readin’, so this time out, Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos has time for just one comic book: Booster Gold #13. (Yeah, him again.)



I know in my last Pow! To the People, I said this one would be late as I was going to be spending all my time on eBay buying Booster Gold comics. Well, that wasn’t true. It’s late for entirely different reasons.

I realise that writing a "fortnightly" column about comics probably gives people the impression that all I do with my time is lie around in my pyjamas reading graphic novels and drinking chocolate milkshake (and there is an element of truth to that). But these last couple of weeks, I’ve been incredibly busy. I’ve been writing songs for the new Art Brut album, working on finishing up the side project album I have coming out early next year (with my girlfriend Dyan from the band the Blood Arm) called "Everybody Was In The French Resistance.. Now", and I’m also trying to write a proposal for my book about DC comics. Although I admit whilst I have been busy, I did do most of those things whilst in my pyjamas and drinking chocolate milkshake.

The cover to Booster Gold 13 by Chris Batista and Mick Gray. Click for a larger image.Because I have been reading so many books about comics recently, and not much else, I briefly thought about making this Pow! To The People about books that are about comics. Writing a column about comics that is actually about books that are about comics proved too "meta", even for me (t and I have a pretty high threshold for that genre). So I’ve written this column about the only comic I’ve put time aside to read this month: Booster Gold #13.

I didn’t really enjoy issues 11 and 12 of Booster Gold as much as I thought I would. There was a lot of fun to be had: Booster dressed up as Elvis, Goldstar dressed up as Batgirl, they both stole the Batmobile and there were even references to Quantum Leap and sixties Batman. It sounds on paper that it should have been amazing. It wasn’t.

All the issues leading up to issues 11 and 12 had been brilliant. We found out Rip Hunter was Booster’s son, Rip managed to bring back Michelle (Booster’s sister) from the dead, and we found out that although everybody perceives him to be a bit of an idiot, Booster Gold is in fact the most important person in the DC universe. So it’s a bit unfortunate that the next story we get to read is just a fluffy piece of filler. The story by Chuck Dixon felt only half-thought-out. It ended with so many loose ends that I wasn’t quite sure it was actually finished, and Michelle seemed to only be there so Booster could answer her slow-witted questions. All in all, a waste of what could have been a brilliant first story for the pairing of Booster and his sister.

Booster Gold #13, however, is back on form, starting out as if issues 11 and 12 didn’t happen. It’s the beginning of an ace story about Starro (a parasitic mind controlling alien), who takes over Rip Hunter’s mind and then uses his time traveling abilities to take over the world. Booster has to stop him; it’s ace. I think Booster is about to find out he’s a dad, too. I can’t wait till next month’s.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to read more comic books in the next week, otherwise Pow! To The People is going to turn into a Booster Gold Fanzine, or perhaps reviews of chocolate milkshakes. I was enjoying a particularly nice Yazoo milkshake as I wrote this.

I am in my pyjamas. | Eddie Argos

In this edition:

Booster Gold #13 (DC Comics)

32 pgs. full color; $2.99

(W: Rick Remender; A: Pat Olliffe and Jerry Ordway)

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