Lovefool 05.12.14 | Team BFFL Wages: Battle Custard!

As the weather heats up, Lovefool is concentrating on the important things: where do you find St. Louis’ BEST frozen custard? Find out in her new comic with artist Celina Hernandez, reprinted here from the pages of the St. Louis-themed Ink and Drink Comics anthology Home Brew.


Nerdlings, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that next weekend, I return to my regularly scheduled partying and slouching around on the couch the next day. The bad news is that, in the meantime, I had a bit of a weekend and spent the last three-ish days wildly veering between super-fun-good times to super-awkward-not-so-good times. That, of course, funneled me into a horrorshow of a Monday. Seriously, it’s just been the absolutely weirdest day on top of the weirdest spring. That might even be capping off the weirdest year. I can’t even think that far back because it just makes my head hurt. We seem to find ourselves here a lot lately, don’t we? Either way, it seems like a good day to let you read my newest comic, doesn’t it?
A few notes beforehand, though:
I say "my comic,” and then I feel like a giant fraud because I am not the driving force behind these things. The artists who work with me, in this case the amazingly talented Celina Hernandez, are really what make these comics any damn good at all. This time, we were working in glorious full-color and it looks so, so good. I’m so proud to have been part of this.
This makes two auto-bio comics I’ve done where my co-star and I have immediately had some weirdness immediately after. Meowie, my sweet Meow, got super-ill right after “Smitten (with a) Kitten” was published. He’s in treatment and it’s awful but it’s kind of under control? That was pretty hideous, but then the second I turned in the script for “Battle Custard!,” Mr. BFF and I…well, there was a thing and we’ve worked it out but it was pretty touch and go for a while. So we’ll see what my next work is going to be. I was going to do something about a bunny, but why unleash that on a poor little bunbun? Maybe I’ll tell the tale of how I became a writer.
(Watch those commas, JG,FE.)
Anyway. I’m going to go rest my noggin. In the meantime, please enjoy Celina’s amazing and wonderful art and my okay and kind of funny words. | Erin Jameson
Read “Team BFFL Wages: Battle Custard!” alongside a whole heap of other short stories about St. Louis in Home Brew, the latest anthology from Ink and Drink Comics. Find out more info at!

"Team BFFL Wages: Battle Custard!" is ©2014 Erin Jameson and Celina Hernandez and is reprinted here with permission. All rights reserved.

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