Lovefool 12.17.12 | See You on the Other Side

Lovefool offers up a few words of hope before heading off into the holiday break.




It’s hard to write Lovefool on weekends like this. It’s been a rough week for me, personally, filled with slights small and slights gender-spanning, and I was so grateful to make it to Friday. And the news of Friday’s events spread in a whisper that eventually turned into a buzz, leaving my coworkers and I baffled and saddened. Even just coming home from the wee gathering I was just at this evening, there was an entire highway closed due to a terrible accident. It’s the kind of weekend where it’s tempting to just throw up my hands and go play Tropico for the rest of the night. Even discounting my personal stuff, it’s hard to write about fluffy love stories and easy to think that no one cares about what we’re doing here on weekends like this.
And you know what? Lovefool isn’t going to save the world. It isn’t going to make people stop shooting each other. It isn’t going to end world hunger. It won’t make you, or even me, rich. What I hope it will do, though, is make you laugh. Occasionally, I hope it’ll make you think. Sometimes, when I really like something, I hope it’ll make you read something. At both the very least and very most, I hope I’ve connected with you. I hope you read Lovefool and think “Gosh, that Erin Jameson is someone I’d like to have a beer with” or “Gosh, that Erin Jameson sure is silly.” I want you to feel like you know me, like we’re friends, even if I’m that exasperating friend that drinks too much and wants to gossip and decorate everything with glitter.
Because, believe me, I am that friend sometimes. But I hope that you laugh while I’m being that friend and I hope you know how much I enjoy writing this column every week for whomever is out there reading it. We’re connected, me and you, and it’s hard for me to describe how very important that is to me.
And, having said all that, I feel like this is actually a good week to start our brief holiday. JG,FE tells me no one is reading in December, anyway, and he has both the holidays and Squishykins’ first birthday coming up so we’ve decided that now is as good a time as any for me to take a few weeks off just because I kind of want a few weeks off. I’m gonna go rest my head and, in the meantime, I have a stack of stuff to read for you. So we’ll all be back on January 6th, sharing our usual dose of snark and love. But while I’m gone, I hope that you remember that we’re almost halfway through the dark. In five days, we will be halfway through the dark. But I hope that I always manage to bring a little bit of light to your Mondays.
So happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate. Hug your loved ones, have a cup (or five) of holiday cheer and make sure you go out and bang some pans at midnight on New Year’s. I love that part.
See you on the other side, nerdlings. I can’t wait. | Erin Jameson

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