Lovefool 12.10.13 | Smitten (with a) Kitten

Lovefool shares the very first comic she’s ever written, a story featured in the new Ink and Drink Comics romance anthology On the Rocks.



So I went to a wedding last weekend and it was lovely, nerdlings. It was a lovely day and my friends were delighted, in general, those getting married and those not. I’m overjoyed I was there to witness it. The bride looked like a princess and the groom was all handsome and stuff. The DJ played "Get Lucky" and I drank amaretto, which I only ever seem to actually drink at weddings, and danced and chatted with people and laughed a lot. And everyone smiled, smiled, smiled.
Nothing I could read or write could ever really compare to that, alas, so I’ll have to wait until it wears off to really be able to step back into my Lovefool shoes. (To be fair, there’s only one more column left until our holiday hiatus so we’ll see how next week goes. My goal is to at least pretend that I’m going to get through some of my backlog, which does pile up…) But JG,FE said I could let you guys read my comic that I wrote for Ink & Drink’s romance anthology On the Rocks so that’s cool, right?
They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it sure seems to take a herd of nerds to make a comic book. I wrote mine and after some not terribly subtle fishing on the twitters, my friend, Thor (Richard Basey to you mere mortals), offered to draw it and JG,FE himself lettered it. You may find the font looks terribly familiar. A team of editors fussed with it and our friend, Steve, sent it off to the printers to be made and it came back and there were signings, lots of signings. Most of those I didn’t attend until Thor bullied me into slouching over to our release party. A bunch of my sweet friends came to said release party, basically spur of the moment, where I signed copies in pink sharpie. (Of course I did, what else would I sign with?) I sent a copy to my mother-in-law, who didn’t think it was weird at all that I called my cat the love of my life, much to her credit. It’s out there in the world and soon available for purchase online, I believe, should you be so inclined.
I didn’t really realize how it would feel to have other people reading it. Honestly, it was horribly uncomfortable, at first. Like, I’m still a little squirmy thinking of attending another Ink & Drink. I mean, some people don’t go to the events. I could manage to avoid being the Cat Lady for a while, I think. I mean, ugh, how absurd is this story? Seriously, eww, it’s *so* personal. But, for the most part, as I kind of settled into it, I slowly started feeling better about it. I mean, there might be some folks like me out in the big universe, people who maybe didn’t see the best examples of functional relationships and aren’t quite sure how they work. And I want them to hear this story, to know that maybe they—w e—don’t have to be alone. What that looks like varies so much but I know it’s one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned. I don’t remember when I finally figured out that I don’t have to be alone, that solitude can be an option and not a burden, but I’m grateful for it every single day.
Anyway, nerdlings, enough of my navel gazing. Meowie, our furry hero, is actually wailing for food as I type so maybe I should go get him some second dinner. In the meantime, here’s “Smitten (with a) Kitten.”| Erin Jameson
To purchase your own copy of On the Rocks, visit Star Clipper in the U. City Loop or various Fantasy Shop or Slackers locations throughout the St. Louis metro area. For more information, visit!

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