Lovefool 10.15.12 | I’ll Tumbl For Ya

Lovefool goes meta this week, digging around for comics material on tumblr and finding, well, about what you’d expect.



[Much apologies for not posting Lovefool in its normal, Monday timeslot. Your Lovefool dutifully submitted the column in time, and it was your Fearless Editor who dropped the ball. Won’t happen again. Hopefully. –JG,Fe]
So I know this guy. He’s a nerd’s nerd, writes for a fairly major nerd publication and is a general all-around decent dude that I’ve known since the late ‘90s and I don’t remember how we met online but we didn’t actually meet meet until C2E2 2011 (despite my very best efforts for approximately one month in 1998 or so, when he kindly and rightfully told me to take my Lolita nonsense somewhere else and I laughed because he had completely called it correctly and we stayed friends) where we talked for about ten minutes and then went off to be press people. See? The things I do for you, nerdlings, devoting myself to your entertainment. Anyway, I was dressed up as a panda bear when I moseyed up to his table and stood there, trying to look cool and not desperately sheepish, which is how I actually felt since I was dressed up as a panda for an article that JG,FE will remind me never got written. Somehow, he looked up from the conversation he was having, made eye contact with me, figured it out immediately, and shouted “YOU! Wait right there.” And finished the conversation he was having before we were both like “So. Hi. Nice to meet you. This is a little weird. You’re actually a person and I didn’t make you up. Huh. Who knew?”
The good bit of this story, though, is that this guy was a serious formative influence on my web presence because he had one of the first really great websites that I’d ever run across. I mean, it wasn’t super-pretty or anything, despite some truly delightful graphics, it was just him blogging and telling funny stories. One of the more amusing pages that could be found on this blog was called TWEEF (The Web Embraces Every Fetish) because, really, we all remember how there was this sudden explosion of “Oh, shit, people do what with what?” when these here internets really picked up speed. Well, this particular friend took one for the team and catalogued some of the incredibly random stuff that people get off on. And it wasn’t just that, there was some completely bizarre stuff on there. A website dedicated to how much this guy hated a roommate that he hadn’t seen in five years. Hilarious conspiracy theories. Strange products. My buddy was nothing if not well-rounded in his curation of Bizarre Web Things.
I often find myself meaning to ask him what he thinks of tumblr. Because, really, seriously, there is a tumblr dedicated to Phil Coulson and Clint Barton answering questions about their relationship. Their sexy relationship. If tumblr has their way, it’s really their occasionally downright pornographic relationship. I made it through about ten entries tagged with “spider man” before I found someone looking for a buddy to roleplay a romance between Deadpool and Spider-Man. I mean, is that just cybersex in disguise? And the third hit for “Tony Stark” was a fanfic where Stark, Steve Rogers and Jack Harkness have a threesome. Stark, Steve Rogers and Captain Jack. I swear I could not make that one up. Five more entries and there were three tidbits musing on a Tony Stark/Loki relationship, one of which had Loki staring at the arc reactor for reassurance. Eleven entries into “Emma Frost” and there’s a request for participants to roleplay an X-Men at Hogwarts adventure and then, two more down, a topless woman in a white skirt doing a “White Queen strip tribute.” As if Emma would ever wear that awful belt. Less than 20 entries into “Batman,” there was a picture of two gentlemen cosplaying Batman and Robin kissing.
And then everyone’s tumblr friends come along and reblog it and everyone goes about their business, a little smuttier than five minutes before or, in the case of much of the Avengers stuff I saw, a little more gooey-eyed. Seriously, that’s a sappy little crew there. And it’s kind of great, really. I mean, still a prude, your Lovefool, have no fear, but there’s something a little delicious about all of these people doing the equivalent of grabbing some action figures and smooshing their faces together. It’s nice to know that other people, more proactive people, agree that sometimes the story we get just isn’t enough and it’s delightful that now everyone has a place to go figure out what the story should be from there and maybe make some friends while discussing/drawing/roleplaying/writing it. The stories become everyone’s, for a brief moment, for better or for worse, and someone does something a little creative and the stories go on, often stripping layers of clothing as they go, but people like sex and relationships and mashing their dolls’ faces together.
But I will have to say that the web was clearly just getting started with those embraces back in 1998. | Erin Jameson

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