Lovefool 10.13.14 | Gazing Into the Abyss

Lovefool’s got a wonderfully nerdy idea that might just lift her out of the comics doldrums.



Nerdlings, I have an idea. I have half an idea (I can’t really claim to have started this plan, that was JD), but, for reals, it’s been SO LONG since I had an idea, even the twinkling of one, that it’s really exciting to even have this.
Oh, hey, beeteedubs, I hope you liked our guest column. I think it might have been our first one in these parts. [Nah, I filled in once. And who could forget the time Mrs. JG,FE brought us the joy of ancient Japanese fart comics? –JG,FE] I thought it was interesting. In the meantime, the world is still going to hell, I dyed the tips of my hair blue and am just considering going completely blue so I can do three week touchups, we have the windows open for the Catses Collective and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on tonight. I’m running that late but whatevs.
Anyway! I have an idea that might result in me throwing a tiny and oddly hipster convention in my basement or something but it was inspired by the most amazing thing my friend posted on my Facebook page today as an idea for us to try to make happen in StL. Apparently, there’s a running series in New York called Shipwreck that features Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Night Vale, reading fanfiction and it makes me insane with glee. That is a real thing that is happening. People write smutty fanfiction and submit it to this thing and Cecil Baldwin reads it in his dulcet tones. They pick a winner and the winner gets to submit next time. Last time, it was The Great Gatsby and Jeffrey Cranor, also of Welcome to Night Vale, won. THAT IS A THING. Tonight, people in New York can buy a ticket for less than the cost of a bottle of wine to go see Cecil Baldwin read smutty Watchmen fanfiction written by John Scalzi. And that makes me really happy.
So, yeah, we’re all gonna die of ebola and that’s okay because the world is filled with terrible people, no matter which side you’re on, but tonight, we live in a world where fandom has reached the point that nerd famous people are writing erotic fanfiction for public consumption. Sure, I imagine it’s absurd and slightly weird and a little tongue-in-cheek but I really feel like it’s a reflection of a critical mass of a certain side of fandom, the part where they’re just buddies making gifs for each other and writing askbox fic for each other. The friendly part.
I’d like to see more of that part, as I might have mentioned in my Carol Corps column. And that’s given me some thoughts of how I can jump in there, which is what I’ve been missing in this space: ideas. Nerdy ideas. I got tingles on my way home when this hit me and I’m really excited. I think I’ve mentioned that, lately, I’ve lost my love for the medium. But I am going to go traipsing down the corridors of fandom until I reach the end, however that ends up looking, nerdlings, and I hope you’ll come along. Maybe you’ll score an invite to the party afterwards. Either way, I’m falling in love again. | Erin Jameson

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