Lovefool 10.03.11 | The Black and White of the Matinee

Lovefool has talked a lot about movies based on comics, but this week she takes a look at her DVD shelves and ponders Clueless and other movies that would make great comics.


So I was glancing at our DVD shelves this afternoon, trying to figure out if I wanted to watch a movie or not. I mean, it’s Sunday afternoon. That’s what it’s for, right? At the same time, I was thinking about sitting down to write this column before Monday night so that I didn’t have to spend all day feeling bad about it tomorrow. (I was probably also thinking of, like, eighteen other things, which is why I never get anything done…) While I was having these idle thoughts, my wandering eyes fell upon the iridescent pink box of my deluxe edition of Clueless.

I love Clueless. I do. Of course, I do. Everyone I know loves that movie. “Gosh,” I said to myself, “why can’t Clueless be a comic so I could write about it? That would be awesome.” Clueless is a fun story about love and that is the sort of thing that Lovefool Inc. is all about. And, continuing on, I found some other silly movies that I adore that I want to write about. Moving on, there’s High Fidelity. I mean, Phonogram was a big thing with the middle of the comic nerd-music geek Venn Diagram. Why not High Fidelity? And so I decided that this week, I’d write about movies I wish were comics so I could read them a thousand times and buy them for my friends and probably quote them after I’d been drinking. Admittedly, there might be some retread, but wouldn’t it be cool? I mean, no one is going to skip seeing the next Iron Man movie because they have the comic books. Just sayin’.
Clueless: Since it’s what started this, of course I’d want to see it as a comic. Maybe a little manga-ish. In fact, Clueless would’ve been perfect in DC’s old Minx line. Cher is, ultimately, just a girl who wants to make the world a little better and look fabulous while doing it and, I’m sorry, but what girl doesn’t want to do that? It could be a little Katy Keene, a little Gloom Cookie. Fabulous fashion with a heart of gold and just a liiiiiittle bit of an edge.
High Fidelity: Phonogram is, of course, the pinnacle of nerdy music comics but it’s not like there’s not a precedent. Scott Pilgrim involves music and romance and is omgsuperhuge. I really just want to see a giant splash page of Rob unlocking Championship Vinyl and frowning. I want to see Barry at band practice and Dick’s mixtape collection. And it was made into a musical so how is this a stretch? (I have to admit that Fever Pitch also seems like it would be a delightfully quirky sporty romcom com. Nick, call me.)
Bridget Jones: Ohmygodyesplease. Bridget would be a perfect comic. I’m probably the only person out there who read Des Taylor’s The Trouble With Katie Rogers, a fabulous Ape Entertainment book starring Bridget’s cousin who moved to New York, but that’s how a Bridget Jones book, hopefully, would feel. With less ledges and more readers, I hope, so there’d be tons of it and I could be reading about Bridget’s adventures for years to come. (Also, Katie Rogers isn’t really Bridget’s cousin, but she sure could be.) Bridget Jones was a big, huge thing and it could be the property that brings a new demographic to comics, especially since there’s rumors that the long-awaited third movie is coming out.
My Entire Bollywood Collection: Really, I could just sum this up with “please see my column about Vimanaramaand leave it at that, but an entire series of Bollywood comics would be amazing and epic. Think about it: they’re all sweeping love stories that are totally picturesque and feature pretty girls and strapping lads in front of sweeping vistas and there’s all this mythology. So they could go either way – current or retro, so to speak. There’s always some strange plot twist happening in Bollywood so they certainly wouldn’t be boring. And it’d be so pretty.
Lord of the Rings: Okay, this is embarrassing. We’re friends, though, right, nerdlings? What I really want is to see the end of Eowyn and Faramir’s story, the bits that got cut out of Return of the King. I know that’s pretty much like requesting fanfiction, but I don’t care. It was in the movie and then chopped out so I think I have some merit to my request. More importantly, Oscar winning costume designer Ngila Dickson said the costumes for the wedding were the best ones she’d made for the movies and I want to see them, dammit. Besides, it’s not really fleshed out in the movies, making it a perfect postscript, just a little tidbit, to the huge amount of recent material out there. JRR Tolkien’s estate might have something to say about it but a girl can dream…
Of course, there’s a wealth of books out there for me to cover so it’s sad that I’m not happy with the material I have out there to work with, but why shouldn’t Bridget be immortalized in comic format? Your Lovefool is a selfish, selfish girl. Watch this space for petitions to sign or fan comics for me to slip in there. In the meantime, I’m going to go listen to the Clueless soundtrack while I organize my closet.
Again. | Erin Jameson

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