Lovefool 07.21.14 | 4th Grade Valentines: So Much to Say

Lady Thor! Black Captain America! The death of Archie! Lovefool covers all the internet outrage from the past week.



Nerdlings! Hello! Yes, I did enjoy my vacation over the Fourth of July weekend. And I absolutely enjoyed watching the World Cup final last weekend. The last week sure has been weird, though, hasn’t it? The world got pretty scary and the nerdverse just got plain ol’ weird. So, really, I’m not sure there’s much else to do except round it all up because there is so much to talk about! There’s some good and some bad and some stuff that’s outside our wheelhouse but whatevs, we’re gonna roll with it. It’ll be great.
1.      4th Letter, Beyond Outrage: David Brothers is a friend of a dear friend of mine and he and I have had some chats in the past. He’s an intelligent guy and I liked him a lot and have kind of kept half an eye on his excellent blog, 4th Letter, since then. So when he posted this thoughtful commentary on our culture’s tendency to dismiss arguments with a lot of passion behind them and how the comics community could use a little more empathy all around, I was delighted. It is incredibly articulate and I’m not even sure I could sum it up well so I’ll say this – if you’ve ever objected to something and had your concerns dismissed as “faux-outrage”, you should read this. If you feel comfortable using the phrase “faux-outrage,” you should also read this.
2.      Thor is going to be a lady! Captain America is going to be a black dude! DID YOUR MIND JUST GET BLOWN OR WHAT? Well, mine didn’t, unfortunately. I love both of these characters and I appreciate that Marvel is trying to be a little more diverse but seriously? You couldn’t be bothered to come up with some, idk, new characters? I will admit to having my heart a little warmed by Sam Wilson giving up his wings to help out Steve Rogers after the super-serum is sucked from his veins and Lady!Thor has some kickin’ hair but…I don’t know. It just seems like they’re paying the concepts lip service. The Falcon is already pretty great. Lady!Thor is just going to be Thor with breasts, apparently. Danny Fingeroth, straight from the Marvel bullpen, wrote this article about the switches for Time but, really, I can’t help looking at that little bit of exposed midriff under Thor’s breastplate and muttering under my breath. Also, The View? Really? Really really?
3.      Archie died in Life With Archie‘s alternate timeline this week, bravely protecting his best friend (Senator Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s first openly gay character, elected on a horrifically ironic gun control platform – I see what you did there and I have mixed feelings about it, Archie Comics) from an assassin’s bullet. Chris Sims, nerd about the internet, actually summed up all the really interesting things about the issue over at Comics Alliance but I will say this – goddamn, the page with his last words is pretty much a master class in framing. Is he talking about Betty? Is he talking about Veronica? We don’t know! All roads lead to this moment, per Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, but we don’t know which road we’re on. (Ilu forever, Riverdale.)
4.      San Diego Comic-Con is coming up! And it has a diverse mix of creators that actually makes me feel pretty hopeful about the universe! (But you don’t have to take my word for it! Check ’em out!) My friend, Larry Young, of Astronauts in Trouble and Black Diamond fame, will be there! You should go say hi to him. And I believe there’s going to be some Ink & Drink folks there so if you see ’em, say hello.
5.      Hey! Want to come see me? What to come see me and JG,FE? Together? Probably talking about our cats and waiting to sign a book for you and hoping to hell that you don’t ask us to draw anything hard because we couldn’t get one of the real artists to come with us? [Not quite true! The illustrious Chris Sagovac will be there with us to handle the sketching chores. Crisis averted! –JG,FE] Of course you do! We will be at the Fairview Heights Barnes & Noble from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM, sucking down Starbucks and talking about Home Brew, the latest Ink & Drink release. Ink & Drink folks will also be at the Barnes & Noble locations in Ladue and West County as part of their Get Pop-Cultured series of events, so come by and say hello!
Well, that wraps up this edition of 4th Grade Valentines. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it as I have writing it. Or that you’ve at least been given some food for thought. Are you thinking? Are you thinking I’m insane? Are you gonna come hang out next Saturday? You should. In the meantime, I’m off to go prepare for an interview tomorrow afternoon – wish me luck! | Erin Jameson

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