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Lovefool takes her first hesitant steps into the world of making comics.



Nerdlings! Remember how I was all “Look at me, hanging out with Ink and Drink Comics because WE ARE ALL SO AWESOME” a few columns ago? And I didn’t mention this part but JG,FE and Mr. BFF were both like “Yeah, you need to get in on this and make yourself a comics author, “ and I scoffed. As if. “I am a critic, not a creator,” I told them, “even if it’s a romance anthology, I’m not going to be any good at this sort of thing.”
So it should come as a surprise to absolutely zero of you that I just handed off a script to an artist for Ink and Drink’s next book. I casually found myself thinking of ideas as I was driving to the monthly gathering last week but still walked in feeling like a mascot and not necessarily a member. I had a few strawberry ciders (shut up) and, next thing I knew, I was casually mentioning that maybe I had a story idea to Carlos Gabriel Ruiz, who is the nicest man alive and proceeded to give me pointers on the next step. The next next thing I knew, I was tipsily outlining a story in the middle of Cicero’s and shoving it in front of JG,FE. He had also maybe had a few beverages so he told me it was a great idea. And then we got on Twitter and put out basically an open call and my friend, Thor, responded.
Beer, nerdlings. Let’s give it a hand.
Thor is a longtime friend of mine and one of those dudes that everyone is like "…really?" when I tell them how sweet and sensitive he is (sorry!) so he’s secretly a pretty good fit for the project. He also has a fun autobiographical style that lets him get away with saying he’s going to stab people with forks for laughs in his strips.
So, having Thor on board and not much else going on, I called him after a bit of a run-in with a bottle of red wine last week to discuss the project and also pry into his personal life a little, let’s be honest, and we had the following discussion:
LF: So, yeah, the deadline’s August 1st. When do you need a script?
T: Well, I have other projects that I’m working on so…Monday?
LF: …what? What?! WHAT?! THAT IS FOUR DAYS AWAY. How many other projects could you possibly be working on? That is FOUR DAYS from now and there’s no way. What could you possibly be working on that you’re that busy?
T: Seriously?
And he is, in fact, working on other projects and I can, in fact, be a little bit of a jerk.
The good news is that I got my script done! It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, honestly. When I sit down to write Lovefool, I usually have an idea of what I’m going to write about. If I don’t, I can bother JG,FE or check out the repository at eManga but there’s always something out there. This one, however, had to start with me. I had to get an idea that I could effectively communicate. I will have to provide photo references. I had to think about love and how to write something that people will want to read because, while I love you all dearly, nerdlings, Lovefool isn’t fiction, a genre I’ve always had trouble with. And while I am of the opinion that time is more valuable than money, usually, I know that people reading On the Rocks next fall will be dropping both on something that contains my work, my first work of that kind. Eek, oh my god, eek, and did I mention I’m a little scared?
But I was horrifically busy on Friday, what with work and a terrible hangover (red wine is the devil) and a show and me being awake for 20 hours, which is a terribad idea. I slept on Saturday because it had been an exhausting week, finally crawling out of bed late that afternoon and attempting to write a script. Naturally, I hated everything that showed up on my screen and stomped off to go eat Thai food. I took another look at it Sunday, many other looks, in fact, and still hated it. And that was when I started to freak out a little. I played some video games. I read about Juggalos, my go-to procrastination tool. I even cleaned the kitchen and, when it was sparkly, started working on this week’s column. I also hated everything I wrote for here, too, so I just gave up and went to take a bath.
Having soaked my head, and other bits, I woke up this morning and, after my second cup of coffee, somehow, magically, I knew what I was going to write about. I knew how it was going to work, what I was thinking would appear on the page. I had taken a wee sketchpad to work with me, just in case, and I scribbled in it on my lunch break and it all just kind of appeared on the page. And it was tough because this was so very personal. I mean, I talk about myself here all the time but this is kind of a little backstory and everyone knows that’s where the serious stuff lurks. But I made it through. And I handed something to Thor that I can’t wait for us to work on together.
So, yeah, I wrote a comic about love. Remember before? “ Love art? Do art. “ and everything? Well, I totally did. And it wasn’t totally easy but once I stopped freaking out, it was there. And it was amazing and exhilarating and I…ugh, I hesitate to type it because it feels so cheesy, but I learned a lot about myself in the process. I feel like I could do anything right now and I want all of you to feel that, too. Do something scary this week, nerdlings, something that feels impossible, something beautiful and personal and know that it will be all of those things but it’ll also be there for you forever. | Erin Jameson

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