Lovefool 05.27.12 | Put a Ring On It

Lovefool weighs in on her thoughts on Marvel’s big gay wedding, the union of Northstar and his boyfriend, Kyle, in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #50.


It really shouldn’t be a surprise, nerdlings, that we here at Lovefool, Inc. are fully supportive of love of all kinds. And far be it for me to get a little political, but I think it’s completely bananas that anyone thinks that actually legislating that two people who love each other aren’t able to get married is a good idea. I mean, I could run through the arguments, starting smack with “How is it anyone’s g-d business?” but I won’t. I’m sure you’ve all heard the arguments I’d lay out and know what they are. I don’t need to preach. I don’t want to preach, honestly, because everyone is entitled to their opinion or whatever, which isn’t to say that I don’t have a little trouble wrapping my head around how people can say that people should be denied, by law especially enacted to do so in many cases, the right to get married. But I’m not here to debate it, frankly, because I don’t think anyone is going to change their mind reading my silly column and I’m not sure I know anyone who disagrees with me, anyway.
What you can’t argue, though, that it’s starting to become even more of a front page issue. Election year dancing aside, the President of the United States and the Vice President and a gaggle of other elected officials have stated that they think banning gay marriage is not cool. Christine Quinn, New York City’s Council Speaker, got married last weekend and the internet went nuts. Everyone from Fox News to the Huffington Post had something to say about it and most of it was nice. I, for one adored her wife’s bespoke Ralph Lauren suit. That’s classy.
And, with everything else in time, these things eventually break into the comic world and this week, Jean-Paul Beaubier, better known as Northstar of the X-Men, asked his boyfriend, Kyle, to marry him in the most spectacularly awkward way possible. (This might get a little spoiler-y so stop reading if you’re still waiting to read the issue.) Anyway, the proposal (found in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #50 by Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins) was in the middle of an argument, and Kyle might have told him that he was marrying him for the wrong reasons and told him to go fly away but the publicity photos Marvel’s released tell me that they’re going to make it up pretty soon.
That Kyle sounds like a sensible fellow, calling Jean-Paul out on his nonsense. Which is pretty much what it was, asking someone to marry you when they rightfully mention that maybe your priorities are elsewhere much of the time and it makes the relationship complicated. It’s a little like putting a cast on a paper cut. Jean-Paul obviously loves Kyle a great deal and his heart is in the right place, true, but it seems like there might be some issues to address first. Of course, to be fair, Kyle is pretty busy running the Northstar business empire himself so there’s a lot going on here. And then Kyle, like every superhero paramour ever, goes and gets himself kidnapped and things go from slightly tetchy and lovelorn to fairly ugly in a short amount of time.
I have faith, however—generated mostly by Marvel’s publicity department—that things are going to get better from here. And, honestly, they’re already pretty good. Cheers to Marvel for allowing things to progress naturally for our boys. Because that’s what love is – it’s the most natural thing in the world. Now, if only we could get 44 states to agree with Marvel’s editorial board… | Erin Jameson
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