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HUGE news out Anime Central as VIZ Media announces the return of the original Sailor Moon anime in uncut, newly dubbed form, with new episodes airing on Hulu Plus every Monday. Lovefool reports, in full-on squee mode.



I have this theory. I mean, I say I have this theory like it’s a unique one that no one else has thought of but whatevs, I have a theory. And the base of my theory is that there are three areas to everyone’s life: Home, Social, and Work. It’s kind of like the Sims and their needs only it’s you. Home is just that is your domestic life in order? If I parse that one, it’s pretty much anything actually in my home, including the people and cats who are currently spread out throughout the place. Social is also fairly simple am I being a (mostly) good friend and managing to leave the house every now and again? And the last piece, Work, is…well, nerdlings, it’s Work. Are your runnins in order? Do you manage to spend most of your days not wanting to start sneaking your things home a few pieces at a time so they don’t end up shipping your stuff to you when you finally decide you’re pretty over it?
And the actual theory is that those three things cannot all be good at the same time. Everyone’s standards are different for good and that’s normal and fine, but it seems like all three things are never there at once. Either you’re personally a mess or you’ve gone totally reclusive, either related to the first one or this next bit or completely by accident. For a bit of variety, sometimes work has you grinding your teeth into nubs at your desk for whatever reason. Home was off for most of last winter and, when I managed to get that mostly together, Social was out of balance because I’d spent all my time hiding in my house getting my brain together. Plus, I had some thoughts on some things that needed clarification with people in the world. But while I was working on fixing that, Work was getting kind of crazy. And remains so. I can’t really go into specifics since, you know, I’m a totes famous nerd journalist, but some shit kind of went down this week.
And that’s fine. I had to readjust my paradigms, but once I did, it was okay. I’m sure that I’ll have to close my eyes and count to ten sometime this week, but I’m good. Friday was especially tiresome, though, and that’s a crappy way to end the week. Whatevs. I came home, had some fine Schlafly products, and relaxedi.e. watched Thursday’s Daily Show, ate some Thai takeaway, sulked. I wasn’t really paying much attention to my social media feed because, you know, rebalancing. Then JG,FE tagged me on Facebook and he’s on the always-look shortlist. He was the first of a bit of a flurry, actually. Three different people posted on my wall about ithad I heard the news? Did I see this? Check this out, there was a thing at Anime Central and Twitter is freaking OUT.
Nerdlings, have you heard the news? The news, glorious and amazing, that Sailor Moon is back, and it is back in a big, big way? Like, I don’t even know where to start. So we’ll start with this, VIZ Media’s trailer for the re-release. Go on, I’ll wait. Done? Cool. SQUEE, AM I RIGHT?
The whole thing is a complete triumph for all involved parties and if I ever run into Jane, official Friend of Lovefool in VIZ’s Marketing department, at a con, I am going to insist that she let me buy her a drink while she tells me all about it. I’m shy but I want to know how VIZ, without even a whisper amongst the still-devout fanbase, acquired the rights to Sailor Moon.
I just. Dude. Dude. All of it. Every bit of the animated versionthe movies, all 200 episodes, even the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal. New dubbed versions will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD starting this fall. For those of you who think that fall is a thousand years away, it starts streaming with subtitles, and this is amazing, so amazing and I want to know how they pulled it off so badly, but it starts streaming Monday, May 19, on Hulu. They announced it Friday. It starts Monday. Three days after it was announced. JG,FE and I are gonna squee like little girls at Ink & Drink on Tuesday. I might make him jump up and down with me while we drink Sapporos.
Anyway! That trailer that I’m sure you just watched declares the series is absolutely uncut right over a shot of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus wearing civvies and gazing into each other’s eyes. Cousins, my foot! And then they bust out the Sailor Starlights and I imagine the house came down. Naoko Takeuchi might have been displeased with the way that season turned out and it may have been bogged down by licensing issues here in America, meaning it never quite made it to American screens, but I’m pretty excited. I do love a good love triangle, as you all know, and I’ve only seen glimpses of this one on poorly recorded VHS tapes. Also, by licensing issues, I suspect all involved parties meant that they couldn’t show three characters who switched genders depending on if they were fighting evil or being pop stars but whatevs. Water under the bridge, thanks to VIZ!
But what I really, really love in a non-triangular is that this is a chance to introduce Sailor Moon, story intact, to a whole new audience. I got my sister into it a thousand years ago, but Mr. J has never seen an episode. I just shuffled up to him in the kitchen and mentioned maybe we’d get Hulu Plus and start watching tomorrow and he said that sounded cool and we fist bumped and my heart grew, like, 85 sizes. In the meantime, JG,FE and I are planning a full-on viewing party (we’ll have six episodes by the weekend after Memorial Day, just sayin’), but he also says that Squishykins is going to have a new favorite cartoon.
So, yeah, whatevs, job. Home and Social are going to get a pretty solid bump. I’m delighted and there’s an amazing party (seriously, though, did Mrs. JG,FE make the onigiri last time?) coming up and Work can do its worst. In the name of the moon, I shall own that nonsense! | Erin Jameson

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