Lovefool 05.05.14 | May the Fourth Be With All

Lovefool offers up a way to up your midichlorian count in celebration of this year’s Star Wars Day: by sharing your nerdly pleasures with your friends who haven’t discovered them yet.


Oh, nerdlings, it’s a good time to be geek and nice to be nerdy right now, isn’t it? I’m sitting on the couch with one eye on Star Wars Day tweets and the other one firmly on a rerun of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, which we watch on Sundays to warm up for the week’s new episode. Yesterday, I spent most of the day watching English Premier League matches, which would’ve seemed like a dream a decade ago, but is as easy as setting my DVR now.
Of course, one friend was bemoaning the ease of access to the sport yesterday while we talked to each other via tiny handheld computers (because I guess no one has to work for it and now there’s a soccer bar and we can just go hang out with our people and…that’s bad?) and another caught my eye with a tweet expressing his amazement at the sudden ubiquitousness of Star Wars Day on social media. I, on the other hand, am all for inclusion and am constantly delighted to find someone out in the world who recognizes that the dude in a trench coat on my desk is the Tenth Doctor or knows who Ashley Cole is. And those things happen with such frequency these days that I don’t bat an eye. Free Comic Book Day now involves lines. Conventions are massive affairs happening in our own backyards. I write comics, y’all. That’s a thing that happens in my life now, and I use the internet to collaborate with my artist friends that I met through a comics messageboard a million years ago. No shit, that’s a thing.
I digress, though.
I guess what I’m saying is that we live in glorious times, nerdlings, and you should appreciate them, whatever type of nerd you are. Like, I’m still keeping an eye on those tweets and they haven’t slowed down. Samuel L Jackson sent one. And, on this wonderful May the 4th, I’d like to issue a challenge. You know that one friend that you have? The friend who won’t shut up, ever, about how amazing Battlestar Galatica was but refuses to watch a single episode of My Little Pony with you? Arrange a nerd exchange. Trade something with them. Give in and watch the pilot to Firefly and lend them the first volume of Fables. Distant friends? Give homework assignments. Local friends, host an old-school anime night (ahem, lookin’ at you, JG,FE) and then maybe ask your art nerd friend what their favorite autobio comic is when you meet at the fridge. Take a moment to enjoy this day and age that we live in but maybe also get outside your comfort level and possibly find something new and awesome you like.
Me? I have a friend who tells me he’s never even seen Star Wars and I’m pretty sure it’s my mission to really work on making that happen instead of just covering my ears when it comes up.
(This abbreviated but delighted post brought to you by NASA’s glorious May the 4th video and the fact that The Mary Sue exists and WeLoveFine, makers of the Pikachu shirt that I’m wearing this very second. That I bought at PENNEY’S. Yes, really.) | Erin Jameson

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