Lovefool 04.30.12 | 4th Grade Valentines 3

After a painful weekend sans internet (the horror!), Lovefool catches up with a few bite-sized morsels on her favorite webcomics, more Avengers excitement, and how to make your wedding awesome, comic book-style.


Okay, nerdlings. So the internet here at Lovefool, Inc., was down for most of last weekend when it came up, I Google searched Mary Jane Watson for inspiration and it was too depressing and I’ve been listening to too much Belle & Sebastian to write about romance and OMG EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING in the next week and I just learned this new crazy thing at work and I’m a scatterbrained mess. It’s true. And, normally, I can kind of pull it together to write a cohesive column about one thing but it’s Monday night and my attention span has been all over the place, anyway, so 4th Grade Valentines? Yes? Delicious little bite-sized bits of comic goodness? Think of it as funnybook cake pops. Who doesn’t like cake pops?
1. Remember how we talked about Gisele Lagacé last week? She’s drawing Archina and bringin’ the boys to the yard? I really, really think it’s time to talk about Ménage à 3, her delicious webcomic. Co-written with Dave Zero 1, it’s the type of thing that really makes me want to use lots of silly adjectives. Delicious. Delightful. Deliriously funny. It’s pretty sexy but it’s got a lot of heart. I like webcomics about people figuring out what the hell they’re doing and this is certainly one of them. And everyone is sleeping with everyone else so it’s a charming throwback to my early twenties.
2. AVENGERS! This Friday. I mean, I know it doesn’t have any squishy lovey goodness but I am straight up going to be wearing my limited edition 3-D glasses come Friday. I’m getting Iron Man. Rakish drunk? All over it. And Pepper! I am nearly incoherent with glee about seeing my girlfriend, Pepper, again.
2a. Here is a tumblr full of Tony Stark/Steve Rogers slashy stuff because I want each and every one of you to know what it’s like to be your Lovefool. The design is kind of irritating but it’s pretty fun. And Tony Stark facing down Captain America wearing a Black Sabbath shirt just tickles me pink every time.
2b. I swear, I will not bring up the Avengers movie again for, like, months after this weekend. I’ll probably mention it in next week’s column because, frankly, I can’t see how I’ll be able to keep my mouth shut.
3. Oh, my gosh. A quick search during my distracted webcomic surfing between typing that 3 and the period immediately follows it indicates I have not told you guys about Girls With Slingshots! Girls With Slingshots is written and drawn by Danielle Corsetto, who I want to be friends with. Girls With Slingshots is pretty much a mixed bag, but it’s like everything in it is a full-sized Godiva chocolate bar so it’s going to be awesome, it may just have nuts, which is a pretty good way to sum up the strip. The series stars Hazel and Jamie and their friends and their favorite bar. It’s actually really sweet but is honest, which means there might be some sexy talk in there. But it’s sensitive sexy talk. You’ll learn things. But you’ll be amused when you do.
4.Comic Book Resources, in addition to probably having that awesome bar setup at C2E2 again, also broke the news that Tim Seeley is going to be writing a five issue series about a vampire and a serial killer pitching the woo and FINALLY features a vampire who is just bored with the whole thing and his lady love is apparently just a strange duck and I can’t wait to read it. It’s going to be called Ex Sanguine and will be out in October. I really can’t add anything to that because it makes my brain gibber with joy because it’s got a vampire with a bad case of ennui and a serial killing waitress, and they’re framing each other and sort of courting each other at the same time? That is my kinda thing. Fortunately, CBR is staffed with professionals and they spoke to Seeley about it here.
5. I look at one of these every day on my fridge because it’s too awesome to take down (and it’s actually JG,FE’s because he is the Alpha Nerd) but these comic book Save-The-Date cards are pretty much amazing and I have been deeply upset I didn’t get some of these. There’s even some Doctor Who ones and they’re made to look distressed and they have the cutest little details – the couple’s faces and their pets in the top corner under the price and date? So amazing. Mark Welser has a batch of them up at his Facebook page and, should you be in the market to wed, you should pick some up, nerdlings. Do it for your Lovefool, who just drew her own and is, frankly, not that talented. And, seriously, I love weddings. So if you have a wedding and pick some of these up, invite me and a plus one.
So, here’s hoping this was pretty sweet, after all. | Erin Jameson



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