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When life’s getting crazy, it can be helpful to read about someone else’s craziness, like the party night that awaits hitlady stars of Nick Spencer’s Forgetless.



The problem with a deadline, nerdlings, is that when it goes whooshing by, there’s a bit of a sense of relief. Because, if I’m busy and miss it, then I don’t have to sit down and actually write a column. I know, that’s terrible.
My life is kind of a mess right now. Like, I got my head in a better place and that’s cool because the rest of everything immediately got all crazy. I’m busy beyond belief at work but, due to a death in the family, need to take some time off. Oh. And there was a death in my family. I know, I sound flippant but it’s just that it wasn’t a relative I was particularly close to. She was, however, a relative that someone I love very much was close to. I haven’t talked about it online or really even with anyone that I’m not related to except Mr. BFF, of course, and I’m mostly fine. Today is Will’s birthday. We had Easter with my family. The days just fly by, don’t they?
Either way, there’s kind of a lot going on so I haven’t been reading much. There was a moment, though, when I found myself at Star Clipper while my head was still slightly off and during a sadly unsurprisingly awkward trip to the Loop. So what do you buy in a moment like that?
A book about aspiring models-slash-hired killers, of course! Nick Spencer, he of Morning Glories fame, took a second to release Forgetless, a twisted little tale, just as his insane opus was kicking off and it’s definitely for fans of that. Forgetless is one of those party nights you usually hear about in British indie-ish comics, but it’s in NYC and has that very certain American feel to it. There are lasers and velvet ropes and lines, but the list is always there on either side of the pond and this one has Sara and Sonia, the aforementioned hitladies and roommates, jotted down. They’re joined by a YouTube porn star who did a bad, bad thing and his best friend and accomplice, a hypnotist. There’s also a sex addict in an animal suit. And it’s all tied together with texts and Tweets and Facebook updates.
I know, right? The story is worth it for the page where Sara is…uh, finishing orientation for her new job but there’s a hilariously awkward moment where the hypnotist pulls the old you-will-fall-in-love-with-the-first-person-you-see move and, oh, oops, Sonia finds herself in love with absolutely the wrong person and Sara has a chance encounter that’s also a bit magical. Or random. Or horrifying, whatever.
It’s a ridiculous tale. It’s a reflection on modern intimacy, or the lack of it, and a buddy comedy and a love story and a jarring tale of girls making it in the city. Sara is born to be psycho but it’s surprisingly fun to watch, and Sonia is her dippy friend with seemingly zero agency but it’s easy to believe that it’s because she’s just too lazy to fight it. She becomes a hitlady because Sara drags her into it. She falls in love because a hypnotist snaps his fingers at her. It’s amusing to watch her awkwardly adjust to her life as she gets to know the dude that she has suddenly and mysteriously fallen in love with and starts the weirdest new job ever. She goes with it all because why not? What else is she going to do?
And that’s something I can empathize with. When life sweeps you away, might as well see where it takes you. But bless her heart, she does okay. Even makes up for a total roomie foul to Sara in a hospital waiting room. And maybe she works it out with the weird dude and doesn’t run into the creeper hypnotist again. And maybe I’ll read something cheerful and not insane next week. I hope it’s as much fun. | Erin Jameson

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