Lovefool 04.25.11 | 4th Grade Valentines 1

No big themes to explore in this week’s Lovefool, just a few little bite-sized chunks of love to your monitor.



Oh, dearest nerdlings, your Lovefool tries and tries and tries to come up with fascinating new things to discuss with you and, sadly, sometimes inspiration is elusive and Monday night rolls around and no amount of cusses brings illumination. So I’ve decided to try something new and interesting and bite-sized for you: 4th Grade Valentines. We all remember them, right? Tiny little bits of love dropped into those fabulous boxes we made for our desks? The Lovefool version is going to try to do just that, deliver tiny little bite-sized chunks of love to your monitor.
Wills + Kate: It’s come to my attention that A Very Public Love Story (the good version of the Kate & William engagement) is officially on backorder. So, if you’ve snost and lost, I recommend getting those orders in for the reprint. Which I’m sure is just around the corner because, at this point? It’s almost like printing money. (ALSO OMG SQUEE, THE WEDDING IS THIS WEEK!) 
Doin’ Right By Jane: While I was frantically rummaging through options for a topic this week, I decided a spin through a potential LCS couldn’t hurt, just to dig around the shelves and see what I happened upon. What I happened upon, there at the front of the store, was a trade of the Marvel adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, adapted by Nancy Butler and with art by Sonny Liew, who rang so many bells on my good-stuff radar because he also drew the incredibly excellent My Faith In Frankie. I’m going to have to admit that this has my admittedly slightly begrudging approval. The art is quirky but not too much so and fits the Dashwoods’ tale of love and loss well. (For the curious, I ended up at Legend Comics in fabulous Omaha and, man, do they have that new comics smell down. Do they add something to the air filter, I wonder? And, of course, upon hearing that I was from St. Louis, they asked about Star Clipper.)
Seriously, Though: Have you read My Faith in Frankie? It is really excellent and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it before. Written by Mike Carey, drawn by Sonny Liew, it is a supernatural love story without parallel. And that’s from a girl who typically makes a face whenever the phrase “supernatural love story” enters the conversation.
We Love a Legend: Since I like spreading the love ’round here, have I introduced you to my friend, Jacque? I hope to eventually feature an interview with her about her excellent romance comics blog, Sequential Crush, but I love her Fashion Files too much to wait. Jacque is an honest-to-god scholar who writes about the romance comics of the ‘60s and ‘70s, which are dearly missed and occasionally referenced on our nerdy landscape.
Okay, my dearest nerdlings, that’s it for this week. Hopefully, I will return with more interestingness but, in the meantime, know that your Lovefool will always choo-choo-choose you! | Erin Jameson

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