Lovefool 04.02.12 | C2E2 Envy

Why is Lovefool jealous of all of you lucky people who are headed to this year’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo? Let her count the ways.


You know what I love about these modern days? I love that I can check my email while wandering the corridors at work. I can check my email while I’m getting a slice of pizza in the food court, I can check my mail while I’m eating that pizza in the break room, and then I can shoot off a quick email while I’m walking back to my cube. And I love that practically everyone I know has the same capability. What I don’t love is finding out that I’m going to miss something when it’s too late to do anything about it. And C2E2? Oh, baby. You got me this year. Seriously, if I had gotten that email yesterday, I would’ve thought it was a prank. I was absolutely not planning on coming this year. Not planning. (I’m pretty sure I’d end up in big trouble at this point if I went, too, but it’s a close call and I sent Mr. J a text reading “So, on a scale from 1-to-Screw You, Wife, how mad would you be if I went to C2E2 in two weeks?” just in case.) Because, yeah, C2E2 is in Chicago, Illinois, 9 hours away from fabulous Omaha via car or accessible via semi-spendy last minute plane ticket, and from April 13th-15th. Today is April 2nd. Anyway, with all of this instant access to communication, I just found out today about some members of the lineup this year that nearly made me weep, prompting the following exchange:

C2E2: You’re invited to apply for a press pass! Look at all these awesome people who are going to be there!
Lovefool to JG,FE: GFD! No one told me CAPTAIN JACK was going…
JG,FE: First I’ve seen it. I’m kind of blown away that John Cusack is going to be there, too…
Lovefool: W. T. F. Dammit. John Cusack! Lloyd! Rob! Liz Phair’s friend! I am so sad right now. I could make him pose with an iPhone over his head. But, no. Can I write Lovefool about how many people are attending C2E2 that I want to make out with?
JG,FE: YES. Yes, you can.
That’s how the magic happens, nerdlings.
But we have more pressing matters to discuss than how much I curse in my email. You guys. YOU GUYS. John Barrowman and John Cusack are going to be in the same room in Chicago and I am not going to be there. Seventeen-year-old Lovefool, who I talk to an awful lot when I’m writing this column to begin with, is screaming at me in my head to attend this show and has been since lunch. Honestly, shouting. John Cusack, who informed my idea of boys I might like to ride in cars with pretty heavily, is going to be making a public appearance at C2E2. I would be able to buy Pocky and creep out the man who played Rob Gordon, one of the sexiest fuck-ups in literature and film. Twenty-six-year-old Lovefool is pretty miffed, too. I still have an old Union Jack shirt floating around from back in my Rose Tyler cosplay days. Can you imagine? I mean, I know I’m very definitely not his type and he’s been with his partner since, like, 1993 but, seriously, swoon. And John Cusack. I bet they’d have tables just a smidge away from each other and my brain would explode and I’d have to go to first aid to be treated for Fangirl Overload.
People that I don’t want to make a fool of myself over are going to be there, too. Frank Cho, who has been my hero since his deliciously pervy romantic comic strip Liberty Meadows, will be there. Matt Fraction, who wrote my favorite Iron Man and Pepper Potts EVER, is making an appearance. Katie Cook from Fraggle Rock and Star Wars and a million tiny little cute cards I have floating around, Ben Templeton with his delightfully weird self and some squid art, Nick Spencer from Morning Glories, Jill Thompson from Scary Godmother and Little Endless, Roman Dirge will be there with a booth surrounded by adorable little goth teenagers and Lenore books…I need to go invent a way to manage to kick myself. And those are just the nerds! Anthony Daniels, who was C-friggin’-3PO and Chris Hardwick from Nerdist and the usual contingent of Walking Dead people will be there. Tiffany Illardi, Princess Allura from Voltron and my childhood icon, is going. Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu in The Never Ending Story, is going to be there tattooing people in the Ink-Fusion tattoo pavilion.
No, read that last sentence again. I bet he would think my idea for a Rush tattoo would be awesome.
God. Why did I have to choose this year to become a responsible grown-up? And I bet CBR will have their great bar night, too. Sigh. Drink a Logan’s Rum for me and don’t be surprised when there’s Lovefool radio silence that weekend so I can spend it all laying on my couch sulking about my poor planning. On the other hand, I guess it’s okay. This way I won’t have to run from security after John Cusack calls them because I keep following him around playing “In Your Eyes” on my iPhone and asking him what his Top Five Nerd Songs are.
I mean, I bet he doesn’t even know “Evangeline.” Right? Right?!?! | Erin Jameson
For more info and a complete list of all the fun going on at C2E2 (at McCormick Place in Chicago, April 13-15), visit

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