Lovefool 02.20.12 | Lovefool Takes a Break (Like the Wind)

Lovefool is on vacation this week, so Mrs. JG,FE fills in by offering up some centuries-old Japanese sequential art that must be seen to be believed.


Hello, Lovefools.
I am Mrs. Jason Green, Fearless Editor, and I promised your regular columnist I would take over while she ignores her responsibility to gallivant across the Midwest. However, as I have an eight week old baby and a full glass of wine, I am going to have to admit I have nothing for you.
But we won’t leave you empty-eyeballed! If you are a fan of titillating artwork, you may or may not enjoy this N quite SFW foray into what I can only guess is a classic leisure activity in Japan.
Your regularly scheduled Lovefool returns next week.

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