Lovefool 02.17.14 | A Little Information Gathering Between Friends

As the column enters Year Four (Holy cats!), Lovefool has put out a survey to find out what you, dear nerdlings, love to read about most.



Nerdlings! Hello! Do you want to hear something ridiculous? Lovefool is now officially into YEAR FOUR. That is nuts to me. That’s such a long time. Sometimes I’m like “Ugh, what the hell am I doing here, just going on and on? I bet readers haaaaate me.” But, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard from a random reader, like, ever. Good or bad. No one has ever come up to me and been like “OMG, ERIN JAMESON? LOVEFOOL?!? LONG TIME READER, FIRST TIME TALKER” or anything, but that also means no one’s told me this sucks so I’m pretty okay with that. Of course, writing this is just kind of a thing I do now. It’s part of my routine, sometimes it’s still a box I check off, just like making sure my Emergency Black Skirt is clean before Monday. It’s a pleasant part of the routine, to be fair, and I do look forward to settling in to chat with you. I think of you guys as my buddies and this is almost a super-nerdy journal of sorts sometimes.
But it can kind of feel like that, a journal and less of the community that JG,FE swears we’ve built together. I occasionally complain to him that it feels like I’m shouting into the abyss. Let’s fix that. Hello. I’m here. Can you hear me? Of course you can. But I can’t hear you and I bet you’re really cool. I’d like for you to say hi.
So! For our anniversary, sweet nerdlings, and a belated Valentine’s Day and to show you how much I love you, I’m going to give you the opportunity and a forum to talk back. (I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while but I’m just now feeling brave enough to actually do it and it’s right after Valentine’s Day and no one can be mean this week, right?) Anyway! I have created a seven question survey for you and you and you to provide feedback, which you can find here: This brief survey will stay open until about 11:45 pm on February 28th so you should have a bit of time to get responses in and I’m not tracking anything so it’s really, for reals anonymous. Two of the questions are basically me just kind of checking in, four of them are ticky boxes and one of them is your chance to tell me what you’d change about the column. I’m sensitive, though, so be nice. Please. Pretty please. After all, I’m taking a week off from Dr. Katz since I’ll be out of town next weekend.
Oh, I’ll be out of town this weekend. This is getting posted a little late because life happens to all of us, which I apologize for, and I’m taking the 24th off because I’ll be attending a bridal shower. I know, right? I’m sorry, nerdlings.
In the meantime, thanks for hanging out. Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Happy belated anniversary. I won’t say here’s to another three years because that’s a long, long time, but it’s been a pleasure. I will raise my glass to some more lovefoolery, for however long we hang out. | Erin Jameson

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