Lovefool 02.12.12 | Dear Nerdlings

Taking a look back at the first year of Lovefool.


Dear Nerdlings,
Exactly one year ago today, I sent Jason Green, Fearless Editor, the very first Lovefool. It was all about Jane Austen and how I wrote a column now, columns are cool. Looking back, I see that February 12th was definitely a Saturday so, clearly, I was pretty psyched about the whole thing and not the jaded beat writer I can occasionally act like I am these days. Since writing that first column, we’ve had some pretty fun moments here at Lovefool. I’ve also had some fairly crazy things happen in my life that I’ve shared here, however obliquely, and I want to thank you for being a part of that.
Writing Lovefool has a certain rhythm to it that I’ve learned to appreciate as part of my week. I’ll spend the week pondering what I want to write about, discarding ideas for whatever reason, and then I’ll start to seriously think about it on Sunday morning. I wanted to lie and say that I start thinking about it on Saturday and, occasionally, I’ll give it a passing thought but Saturday is usually not a workday. So Sunday morning, I’ll get up and open my laptop and drink coffee and eat breakfast and then, around noon, I’ll open a Word document and start to write the column. I’ll write a paragraph and then wander off to do something super-domestic and productive to avoid writing the rest of it before coming back to finish up. Today, I made a coconut cream pie from scratch, proving that I take my procrastinating very, very seriously. I used to take it so seriously I didn’t start the column until Monday, the day it’s supposed to post, and then JG,FE and his lovely wife had a baby and I realized that making him take extra time to post my column was kind of poor form.
Writing this column has landed me in lots of situations that I might otherwise not have been exposed to. Interviewing Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool while dressed as a panda and then transcribing the interview on a train winding south from Chicago in the rain for a column the next day was kind of weird. Getting the Big Box o’ Yaoi was pretty funny. I cracked it open in the middle of Mr. J’s store while my friend was making a purchase and gleefully exclaimed “My gay comics are here!” Reading them was also a great experience since they were hand-selected to not scare me. Writing about Sailor Moon actually led to me speaking to a friend after our friendship had kind of fizzled. And I can’t tell you how gratifying it can be to get to thank a writer for their work in long form, so to speak, and share things that I like with you, nerdlings. Writing about Evangeline the comic and Matthew Sweet was a pretty good example of that.
It’s not always easy coming up with content week after week, especially when the topic is so focused but I find that the only time it’s actually limited is when I’m not using my imagination. There’s a lot more left to see out there that we haven’t explored yet. In the meantime, we’ll get back to snarking about Harlequin manga pretty soon but I wanted to say thanks for a great year. Hopefully, I’ll be here talking about myself (sorry, JG,FE, I know…) and comic books and luuuuuurve for another one. Couldn’t have done it without you, nerdlings.
your Lovefool | Erin Jameson

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