Lovefool 01.14.13 | The Force Is Strong With This One

Dark Horse’s new Brian Wood-penned Star Wars series has Lovefool excited for the further adventures of her favorite badass princess.


Hey! Hey, Brian Wood!
What’s up? My name is Erin Jameson. But you can call me eeej, it’s cool, or Lovefool. Jason Green, Fearless Editor, totally calls me that and it cracks me up. I mean, I always thought of it as a title, not an official name. I guess it works as a name because I like to think I’m the definitive article, but you know, that seems kind of arrogant. Anyway, I write this column about romance and comics. Some weeks it’s easier than others. I mean, you have to know about writers block, although your résumé suggests otherwise, but I woke up yesterday, which is my normal writing day, and I was vaguely hungover and couldn’t think of a single, solitary thing I actually wanted to write about. And then I decided to stall until today and went to work and…well, it turned into a bit of a Monday. I spent the day, in a word, cross. Very, very cross. It was just one of those days when I couldn’t get anything done and I spent the afternoon sitting at my desk, tapping a pen on my teeth and staring at my action figures and swearing quietly.
But one of my action figures is a tiny, adorable Chewbacca and you know what that reminded me exists in the world? Star Wars. Star Wars exists and it’s so awesome but you know that because you’re writing the new Star Wars book. I love me some Star Wars. If we’re being honest, which I like to think I can be, I’m not really into the prequels, though I do wonder if Natalie Portman is a secret nerd or just has that look about her. I mean, Padme? Jane Foster? I also have to wonder what you think of the prequels because you’re clearly working the very best angle here with the immediately-after-A New Hope setting.
And I know, I know, Disney bought the rights and blah, blah, blah, and maybe this leads up to it and maybe it’s THE MOST HORRIBLE NERD THING EVER TO HAPPEN, HOW COULD THEY, OMG? But my friend, Ken-from-Chicago, brought up a very good point about that and you know what it was? The Avengers. The Muppets. Disney did all that. They also, purely by existing, opened the door for all those mostly-unfortunate Disney Princess jokes, but you and I know the truth and our truth is that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan was a total boss. I wish I could go into details but we’re going to have a legit review sometime soon, so suffice it to say I thought the first issue of your Star Wars series (with artist Carlos D’Anda) was brilliant and I think it picked up right where the original movie left off and it’s got that feel about it and everyone is well-written and looks just right. How can I resist writing about that? I tried so very hard but, shit, the Leia you wrote in said first issue? The one that just came out last week? Wow. I was kind of worried because, you know, Star Wars. It’s kind of a thing. I bet you were worried, too. It’s probably pretty scary, what you’ve done, taking this beloved franchise into your hands. But your Leia felt like my brain’s Leia and that’s the kind of princess I always wanted to be.
But here’s the thing—she’s also the kind of woman I wanted to be. I’m not a Princess. I can’t lead a rebellion. Some days, it feels like I can barely keep track of our morning meeting and I just have to look attentive during that. But Leia was just awesome, all around. She stood up to Darth Vader at the ultimate cost because it was the right thing to do. She didn’t need Han or Luke or any number of dudes to fight her battles, she fought them herself because PL could handle a laser gun. Jabba the Hutt made her prance around in that little slave girl outfit and what’d she do? She choked him with the chain around her neck and escaped to go help rescue…well, everybody, pretty much. When she and Han disagreed on life choices? Again, she did the right thing. Of course, Han eventually came around to help save the day because he’s a pretty okay guy, too, and it led to a totally happy ending but she was willing to wave him off, this intriguing jerk, because she had things to do. But she gave him a shot at redemption and, between her and Chewbacca and Luke, courted him to come over to a side other than his own. She made someone want to be a better person by being one herself and that’s pretty much my life’s goal.
But, yeah, sure, there’s still that thing where she ended up running some game on Luke, who it seems you’ve written a lot more thoughtful and a lot less irritating than I normally think of him as, but I bet connections are hard to interpret when you’re linked to your secret brother by the friggin’ Force and she has to start getting a wee bit into Han at some point, right?
Anyway, Mr. Wood. Brian. Could you do me a favor? See, you are perfectly placed here to tell the story behind the story. I know that Princess Leia is a total badass leader, like, a for-real leader and she’s got shit to do. And you know that, judging from the absolutely rad first issue of your book. I really cannot emphasize how cool I thought it was, the way you brought the wow straight out of the gate, and I can’t wait to see where future issues go. But, you know, while my girl, Leia, is off fighting awesome space battles with her brother and making Wedge (WEDGE!) look like a dork, don’t forget to bring Han Solo around. Make it clever, make it sweet, make it a little tough, make it fun and make it worth fighting for but give them a break. Don’t forget that Princess Leia is also a woman with feelings finding out about love. She definitely seems like the sort of woman who can manage a rebellion and still have a boyfriend. A friend. A male friend. A friend who is a dude that she might occasionally think about kissing. Do you think they ever used the word “boyfriend” in a galaxy far, far away? I doubt it. They were probably way cooler than that. Besides, he’d totally be a Consort, I think. Han Solo, Official Consort to Princess Leia Organa. Sweet.
Anyway, don’t sell that part of the story short. Make that happen for me and a bunch of other little girls who grew up, thanks to Princess Leia, knowing that we don’t need boys to save the day because we could save it ourselves and, possibly, maybe, be so rad that we make some scruffy nerf herder want to save it with us.
So! Brian. Keep up the good work. May the force be with you. | Erin Jameson

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