Lovefool 01.05.15 | Call It Whatever

Don’t call it a comeback! Lovefool returns from hiatus, ready to take on the world of comics again…sort of.



Well, well, well. I would like to tell you that I’ve been meditating on the thought of what writing Lovefool means to me and that Sailor Moon came to me in a dream and told me it was time to stop mooning around (get it, ha, ha, I’m so funny) and that I was suddenly infused with the desire to pick up my pen, so to speak, and get back to friggin’ work. I would like to tell you that and so I kind of have, in a roundabout way.
But that’s not where I’ve been and that’s not why I’m back. I’ve been away because my last few columns were desperate, floundering attempts to pretend I was into this. You see, Lovefool-the-character used to come from a place inside of me that was pretty easy to reach but I was wandering down some dark paths in my brain, as indicated earlier this year, and she was like a dress that just didn’t quite fit. When Sunday rolled around, I’d sit down and I’d try to write a column but I just couldn’t reach that part of me that holds things like, you know, enthusiasm and I certainly couldn’t find that starry-eyed wonder that categorized this column. The world was falling apart, I was still trying to sort my brain into some semblance of order and seriously, who fucking cared what I thought about…well, anything? So I stopped trying. And I’m still not sure I can hit that place 100% of the time or even, like, 85% of that time but when I told JG,FE all this, slightly tipsy and incredibly morosely, he was all “So what if it’s not the same, you’re still here and your readers will still want to read what you have to say. You fill a role in their lives no matter how sullen you’re feeling.” Or something like that. So I hope that’s true. In the meantime, sorry. Vanishing like that was kind of rude.
But! A lot happened in the nerd world while I was gone and I can’t promise this little mini-summary of the breadcrumbs that brought me back here will be spoiler-free so tread with caution but here goes. The new Star Wars mini-trailer got released and the internet immediately split into “oh, cool” and “eh” camps. Like they’re not all going to see it opening weekend anyway, but it was an interesting day. Korra and Asami swanned off into the Spirit World and there was a noise as if a million shippers sighed at once and then, because we live in glorious times, an epic battle started raging on tumblr since there was juuuuuust a hair of ambiguity in the ending. Fortunately, in an epic eff-you to Nickelodeon, the creators actively confirmed that Korrasami is indeed togethertogether and big bad Nick wouldn’t let them go there but do buy the follow-up comics, won’t you? Kate Bishop got some bad news. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky released the sex tips from Sex Criminals in book format and I have to read it, like, two pages at a time because I get all weirded out and have to put it down. Seriously, why did I even buy that? The Wicked + The Divine gained critical mass and OF COURSE I got sucked right in. What about that concept isn’t going to be appealing to me? It’s like “Just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever” indeed.
And I guess I decided that it was time to return here, to my own little slice of immortality. Long after I’ve truly thrown in the towel, this will be available in some version of the wayback machine or whatever it is that keeps the flames of forgotten websites alive now. But for now, I’m here and JG,FE assures me that you’re here and next week, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for sticking around, nerdlings. Happy New Year. | Erin Jameson

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