What is JG,FE reading?

The PLAYBACK:stl comics section’s own Jason Green, Fearless Editor guestblogs for Robot 6.


Longtime PLAYBACKer Jason Green, the editor of PLAYBACK:stl’s comics section and butt of many jokes within Erin Jameson’s “Lovefool” column, is a participant in this week’s “What Are You Reading?” column at Comic Book Resources’ excellent group blog Robot 6. Alongside Robot 6 regulars Michael May, Chris Mautner, Tom Bondurant, Carla Hoffman, and Brigid Alverson, Jason kicks in a lengthy entry covering longstanding favorites like Fred Perry’s Gold Digger and Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon alongside new series like Joshua Luna’s Whispers, Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice’s Winter Soldier, and much, much more. If you ever wondered what would happen if Jason filled in for Bryan A. Hollerbach in “Rude Chapbooks,” this is your chance.

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