Three to Read | 04.06

Superman/Batman #26, The Cat With A Really Big Head & One Other Story That Isn’t As Good, Boys of Summer Vol. 1





Superman/Batman #26 (DC Comics; 40pgs fc; $3.99)
(W: Sam Loeb & Various; A: Various)

Sam Loeb lost his fight with cancer last June at the age of 17, shortly after plotting this story as a bookend to his father Jeph’s run on this immensely popular title. Fortunately, dear old dad is a pretty well-known writer himself (check out our interview with him in our October ’05 issue), and he pulled together a superstar jam session of 25 of the top talents in comics—writers Joss Whedon and Brad Meltzer and artists Jim Lee and Joe Madureira are just some of the top notch talent involved—to pay tribute to his son in this, the must-read comic of the month.

The Cat With A Really Big Head & One Other Story That Isn’t As Good (Slave Labor; 40pgs B&W; $2.95)
(W/A: Roman Dirge)

From the demented creator of Lenore, the title on this one pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Boys Of Summer Vol. 1 (Toykopop; 192pgs B&W; $9.99)
(W: Chuck Austen; A: Hiroki Otsuka)

Spring is in the air, which means two things: romance and baseball. Industry pariah Chuck Austen returns to comics with this manga-inspired tale of hardball and hard bodies, joined by Hiroki Otsuka, an “adult” comics heavyweight in his native Japan, promising a romantic comedy packed with sex appeal.


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