Vicars & Tarts Art and Music Exhibition For One Night

news_vicars.jpg "Vicars  & Tarts" is a costume party taking place on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 7pm till 1am at Koken Art Factory.







"Vicars & Tarts "is a long-established type of costume party that is all the rave in the UK.  You may knit your brows in confusion at the name, so let us clarify: a "Vicar" is the common term for a priest in the Church of England and a "tart" is a woman that is considered to be sexually promiscuous.  The costumes become a parody of gender roles where generally men dress as tarts and women dress as Vicars. Where costume parties are popular year around in the U.S., we have never seen anything like this!  That’s why Koken Art Factory has chosen to bring the Vicars and Tarts "ritual" stateside!

Vicars and Tarts will join the ranks of other provocative one-night only shows that Koken has hosted in the past.   The South-side Rock and Roll Rave, The Riverfront Times Best of 2007 Party, and Naughti-Gras 2008 are just a small sample of such events.  Key members of the Vicars and Tarts planning committee were also coordinators that helped to bring Naughti-Gras to Saint Louis

Along with juried visual art representative of Sinners, Saints, and everything in between; Vicars and Tarts will also include musical entertainment such as "Blair and the Facts of Life", "Furious Vixens", and more to be announced soon.   A performance art duo called "Gravity Plays Favorites", a representation of pole-dancing meets Cirque du Soileil, will be performing their unique talents that are renowned around the country and in Europe for their artistic styles.

It would not be a true Vicars and Tarts party without the costumes; therefore, a costume contest will be held to encourage attendees to slip on another personality for the evening.  So, dress up as your favorite Vicar or Tart as prizes will be awarded to the attendee that best exemplifies the theme!!  Koken has some other surprises up their sleeves as well so you just won’t know unless you attend the event!!   If you miss the event, well, you will just have to hear about it and wait until next year to enjoy the show!

"Vicars  & Tarts" is taking place on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 7pm till 1am at Koken Art Factory, located at 2500 Ohio Street, Saint Louis, MO 63104.   You must be 21+ to attend and will be carded at the door, please have ID ready.  There is a cover charge at the door of $5 per person. There are NO forms of photography allowed during the event except by authorized parties; any photography unauthorized will be confiscated by security.

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